Project Management A Managerial Approach, Fourth Edition addresses project management from a management perspective rather than a cookbook, special area treatise, or collection of loosely associated articles It addresses the basic nature of managing all types of projects public, business, engineering, information systems, and so on as well as specific techniques and insights required to carry out this unique way of getting things done It deals with the problems of selecting projects, initiating them, and operating and controlling them It discusses the demands made on the project manager and the nature of the manager s interaction with the rest of the parent organization It covers the difficult problems associated with conducting a project using people and organizations that represent different cultures and may be separated by considerable distances It even covers the issues arising when the decision is made to terminate a project

7 thoughts on “Project Management: a Managerial Approach with Microsoft Project 2000 4th Ed.

  1. Ewok Ewok says:

    Doing a single semerster subject on Project Management, this book was the recommended purchase.To be honest, it s massive, and in depth But a bit too much And over priced.I honestly didn t feel the need to use it much at all, and just mainly kept with the notes I got from my lecturer, with the odd reference to the book every now and then So in that respect, a waste of money.But, you do get a trial disc of Office Project 2007 which is mainly why I bought it.If my job wasn t paying for my college books, I would not have bought this book.Note there is a newer edition now as far as I know.

  2. pavlo pavlo says:

    I read a number of books on project management in a library and found this book the most useful among others Ordered it for myself.There is only one problem that really annoys me there is a yellow label glued to the book It seems that there is no way to remove this label without damaging the front cover.

  3. Antoinette Johnson Antoinette Johnson says:

    very helpful

  4. esta zainal esta zainal says:

    Love this book and all the items looks New and the price is cheaper than normal, recommended to student learning Engineering Management in Master Level

  5. Iqbal Kazi Iqbal Kazi says:

    Brilliant book, perfect for my MBA course and it will help immensely in my exams Very detailed and laid out perfectly.

  6. Deny Darko Deny Darko says:

    Thank you

  7. RW RW says:

    was advised to buy this book to help with lectures but was so boring and didn t help in the slightest, would not recommend