Timely, hilarious, full of heart Everyone will get something out of this beautifully written memoir. This book is wonderful just for the writing and humor but it selves so deep into the immigrant experience from a young persons view This book brings so many issues to light and quashes many stereotypes of immigrants and undocumented status Such a great read In development as a television series from Reese Witherspoon s Hello Sunshine production company and ABC Studios The hilarious, poignant, and true story of one teen s experience growing up in America as an undocumented immigrant from the Middle East, perfect for fans of Mindy Kaling and Trevor Noah s books Very funny but never flippant, Saedi mixes s pop culture references, adolescent angst and Iranian history into an intimate, informative narrative that thoroughly defies current divisive view on immigration The New York Times At thirteen, bright eyed, straight A student Sara Saedi uncovered a terrible family secret she was breaking the law simply by living in the United States Only two years old when her parents fled Iran, she didn t learn of her undocumented status until her older sister wanted to apply for an after school job, but couldn t because she didn t have a Social Security number Fear of deportation kept Sara up at night, but it didn t keep her from being a teenager She desperately wanted a green card, along with clear skin, her own car, and a boyfriend Americanized follows Sara s progress toward getting her green card, but that s only a portion of her experiences as an Iranian American teenager From discovering that her parents secretly divorced to facilitate her mother s green card application to learning how to tame her unibrow, Sara pivots gracefully from the terrifying prospect that she might be kicked out of the country at any time to the almost as terrifying possibility that she might be the only one of her friends without a date to the prom This moving, often hilarious story is for anyone who has ever shared either fear FEATURED ON NPR S FRESH AIRA NYPL BEST BOOK OF THE YEARA CHICAGO PUBLIC LIBRARY BEST OF THE BEST BOOK SELECTIONA SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL BEST BOOK OF THE YEARFOUR STARRED REVIEWS A must read, vitally important memoir Poignant and often LOL funny, Americanized is utterly of the moment Bustle Read Saedi s memoir to push out the poison Teen Vogue A funny, poignant must read for the times we are living in today Pop Sugar Great insights into the teenage life and mindset Set as an immigrant story, it also explains the ups and downs, fears and hopes of all immigrants regardless of origin when settling into this country A great read for 14 years old and up Also recommend for parents wanting to understand the teenager in their house Excellent book Funny , informative, interesting and a good read I definitely recommend it. Insightful and forthright account of growing up undocumented in the Bay Area in the 80s and 90s, and the tremendous lengths it took Sara s family to become citizens A delightful blend of Iranian and American history, pop culture, and engaging personal narrative. I absolutely enjoyed this book Highly recommend it The book was great sent me the book and it was damaged though But the book is awesome I read it in a day I didn t like the writing Americanized Rebel Without a Green Card is an excellent book, quite enjoyable It reads well and the author recounts her youth growing up in American, discovering at the age of 11 that she was an illegal immigrant, and her and her family s path toward becoming US citizens I am glad she had the chance to share her experience with the world in her memoir I also think of this as an excellent example of parenting by her parents, doing their best to provide her and her sister with opportunities to thrive.