Macmillan s entered the Project market with Using Project, which is a reference primarily for project managers The other successful book in this market is the Step by Step book from MS Press Teach Yourself Project inHours will be a strong entry into the tutorial market and compete well with Step by Step because it offers The time promise Productivity promise Price advantage

3 thoughts on “Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft Project 98 in 24 Hours

  1. says:

    An excellent book for first time users It takes you through 24 one hour lessons and is very easy to understand to get you going quickly As an Engineer dealing in large project management I found this book a great help.

  2. cj cj says:

    I think this book is excellent I found the material accurate and easy to follow I brought this book for my whole project team, I thought so highly of it meeting it s title claim I was able to take a topic and actually learn it in the alloted time The beginning chapters provide a good overview of the topics and using MS Project, setting up the project, and good structured project design When I have a team I need to get up to speed quickly on MS Project, I will again use this book as the tool.

  3. E. Davis E. Davis says:

    Great basic understanding and tools for past and present applications