Buy the printCUnleashed and get the eBook version for free See inside the book for access code and detailsCUnleashed is for anyone who wants to learn the C programming language in depth, understanding how language features truly work While giving you those insights, you learn where and how to use the features to design various kinds of software This book not only teaches the languages capabilities, it also looks behind the scenes to build a solid foundation to aid you in understanding the platform as a whole Bart De Smet offers exceptional insight into the features of both the language and Microsofts broader framework He doesnt just cover the what and how of effective C programming He explains the why, so you can consistently choose the right language and platform features, maximizing your efficiency and effectiveness The early chapters introduce the platform, the tooling ecosystem, and the C programming language, followed by in depth coverage of the C programming language itself, with immediate application of language features The last chapters give an overview of the Framework libraries about which every good developer on the platform should know Understand the platform its language support, libraries, tools, andLearn where C fits, how it has evolved, and where its headed Master essential language features including expressions, operators, types, objects, and methods Efficiently manage exceptions and resources Writeeffective C object oriented code Make the most of generics, collections, delegates, reflection, and other advanced language features Use LINQ to express queries for any form of data Master dynamic programming techniques built ons Dynamic Language Runtime DLR Work with namespaces, assemblies, and application domains Writeefficient code using threading, synchronization, and advanced parallel programming techniques Leverage the Base Class Library BCL to quickly perform many common tasks Instrument, diagnose, test, and troubleshoot your C code Understand how to use the new Casynchronous programming features Leverage interoperability with Windows Runtime to build Windowsapplications

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