Get the definitive guide to learning the foundational principles, mindsets, and best practices of the Microsoft Solutions Framework MSF , VersionWritten by a solutions delivery expert, this hands on guide offers practical examples and case studies to help you apply this adaptable, scalable framework to any project and effectively implement business driven technology solutions Discover how toEstablish an adaptable and flexible solution delivery life cycle Incrementally define, design, build, stabilize and deploy solutions that address business needs Implement a dynamic team model that promotes team agility Manage solution delivery readiness at the individual, project team, and organizational level Proactively minimize project risks Meet release criteria and validate stakeholder expectations and user needs Use governance activities and checkpoints at each stage of your projectMichael S V Turner, DSc, PMP, hasthanyears of engineering experience and is a senior manager with Microsoft Services headquarters where he helps develop tools, processes, and methodologies for solutions delivery In addition, Mike is the founder of North Star Analytics, a company that builds artificial intelligence based software based on his doctoral research