Why put yourself through all the trouble of figuring out a project management software program And why find out about project management techniques when you ve been muddling through on your own up until now The answer is self evident Because you ve managed projects before and you know there has to be a better way You re ready to discover what all this project management hoopla is about, and you d like to use Microsoft Project to do the job You ve just made two good management decisions right there Deep down, you re probably wondering whether this is going to hurt You ll be relieved to know that getting to know Microsoft Project is straightforward and kind of fun You don t have to know anything special about computers or project management to begin Of course, once you start throwing those Gantt charts around the office, people might assume that it took grueling labor and a steel will to figure out the program Whether you choose to display modesty or bask in their amazement will be entirely up to you As this book s title so subtly implies, it will show you how to use Microsoft ProjectBut what the title doesn t say is that this book also gives you a basic explanation of project management You ll cover all of the following topics, and Identifying project phases Getting comfortable with the Microsoft Project interface Predicting your resource needs Reading and creating Gantt charts Staying ahead of details with a calendar Setting budgets and reviewing costs Subdividing and combining projects Tracking your project Using and customizing reports Microsoft ProjectFor Dummies is written in a way that lets you master your project management skills by practice The enclosed CD ROM is loaded with a number of project files so that you can read the material and practice In addition, you ll get evaluation and demo copies of some excellent project management programs designed to make your job even easier