You can have it all You just can t have it all at the same time, said Oprah Winfrey Many of her fans might beg to differ After all, Winfrey herself is smart, funny, compassionate, talented and one of the richest and most powerful women in the world Whether she is talking about her childhood experiences of abuse and rebellion, her lifelong struggle with weight, her favorite books, or her Angel Network of good deeds, the world is listening How did Winfrey reach this pinnacle of success What challenges and triumphs lined her path Author Robin Westen has gathered the most compelling stories and quotes for this fun to read, information packed biography This book is a nice, easy read that provides an interesting overview of the life of Oprah Winfrey Readers who want a detailed account of her life would need to follow this up with another book, as I will This title signposts key events in her life as well as her philosophies It could probably do with a reduction in adulation in the opening section. Being a long time avid fan and follower of this extraordinary and gifted lady Sadly I was disappointed at the lack of depth In fact on reflection I learnt from the lady herself on her own TV shows. Very school book like thinner than a magazne, like a well written brochure.I thought I bought a book, but this was perhaps good for a 10 12 year old, who would like some basic facts and an overview story about this fantastic woman.