This book provides readers with everything they need to make the most of Project 2003 Project 2003 helps users manage projects indepently or as part of a large organization Business professionals can gain access into their portfolio of projects, and collaborate on the documents, issues and risks associated with those projects.Special Edition Using Office Project 2003, covers both Standard and Enterprise Project Management versions and provides direct answers about how to put a project schedule together It is organized to follow the project cycle of initializing and developing a plan, implementing the plan, tracking progress and adjusting to changes and unforeseen events, and preparing the final reports.

5 thoughts on “Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Project 2003

  1. Phrixus Phrixus says:

    Book provides very practical insights to setting up a MS Project endeavor Haven t finished reading it yet, but so far, it s surpassed my expectations for understandability and depth of discussion.

  2. LV2SING LV2SING says:

    Not laid out well.

  3. Amalia Banuelos Amalia Banuelos says:

    I didn t like it

  4. Ivan Brugal Ivan Brugal says:

    I am not a very experienced Project Manager.I bought the book as I was going to participate in Projects in my organization and planned to equip myself with everything I could about it.Also, I took 2 Microsoft Oficial Courses beginner and intermediate on Microsoft Project 2003 that costed my organization about 200.I give it 5 Stars because the book has every topic there is about Microsoft Project 2003 that I have come to need and .However, if you are new to MS Project consider that it might pay you to take some courses You will learn in them all the backbone knowledge to succesfully manage projects without having to spent alot of hours reading the book.Remember that this book is very extensive on each topic, it s excellent for reference or advanced use specially when you re an experienced project Manager since you will learn stuff you didnt know you could do.But if what you re looking for is learning Project 2003, I think its faster and practical to take a course.

  5. W. Schmied W. Schmied says:

    I picked this up as I was in the middle of several complex Project plans for network upgrades and migrations, as well as a mass rollout of Office 2003 I d used previous versions of Project before but never really learned how to use it.By the time I finished the first 10 chapters, I had already tripled my Project knowledgeand the really cool stuff was yet to come Project, like Visio, is an extremely complex application that most people never crack the surface as far as usability goes Anyone who is doing heavy Project Management needs to use Project, this is the book to learn by.