Listed in alphabetical entries, this volume contains in depth information on the world s mammals Learn about animals from the aardvark to the zorilla and many others in between I remember the 2 volume version when I was a child and spent hours reading it I ordered it the moment I found it at and my children love looking at it now Lots of information on where animals live, what they eat, and lots of great photographs A must for the homeschooling family An excellent book for children It appears aimed at the upper elementary school to middle school level reader but is great for children of all ages Tons of fantastic pictures It appears to not have been updated much from the previous version of the series, but rather just combined into one volume from two. If you have a nature loving kid, this encyclopedia is sure to please My daughter has 3 or 4 animal encyclopedias and this one is her favorite Beautiful illustrations, tons of information and a nearly endless supply of creatures to learn about make this book a winner