Really enjoyed the book, blitzed it in 3 days which is pretty good considering the subject matter I d highly recommend anyone interested in shares reading it however I m not sold on his seminar promotions throughout, they might be great or they might be a waste so going to probably look into that a bit before investing in a seminar Covid 19 will be giving me plenty time to research reviews of them But all in all, an excellent book and I m off to buy Spread Betting next which I ve been doing for a year now but can never have too much information Great book from start to finish Easy to understand so excellent for the beginner or professional Robbie has a great following and it s easy to see why Keep up the good work Mr Burns. Fantastic book Bought Robbies 4th edition too this is great for the refresh He keeps everything simple, and the book is really well laid out which makes it easy to go back to I use it as a text book. Great book for beginners like myself Easy to read with clear examples It covers different types of trades, explaining some of the key terminologies, techniques such as how to properly set stop lost and use several tools for research into the market.From knowing nothing about the stock market, this book gave me confidence to start my first trade Highly recommended it. Best book on investing I have ever read Top quality The details are great and the examples are fantastic too would read it over and over, so interesting Great book Less is When you finish you still want to read it again Smooth read, simple and very very comprehensive and up to date Not that difficult boring very professional bs of a lot of investment books The Naked Trader plus the Benjamin Graham book for deeper knowledge and you are fully prepared, the rest comes with experience. The most entertaining book on how to trade shares is back Ever thought about investing in shares but got frustrated by all the gobbledygook Bored by all the jargon Then The Naked Trader is for you This is the book on stock market investing that you can actually enjoy, written in plain English, packed with real life trading examples and full of candid advice that you just can t get anywhere else It s the ideal friend for anyone who wants to make money in the markets In this completely updated and expanded th edition, Robbie Burns aka the Naked Trader gives you the lowdown on what you need to make money from today s markets without having to sit at a screen all day or swallow a financial dictionary Even better, he shows you how to do it all tax free The first four editions of The Naked Trader flew off the shelves as glowing reviews mounted up This brand new edition contains even of what made it so popular There are exclusive tips and ideas, winning trades shown from start to finish, and real life trader tales of triumph and disaster Not to mention tons of proven strategies that you can use to make money in the markets and a breakdown of some of the trades that have helped Robbie make thanmillion tax free In between cups of tea, rounds of toast and watching Deal or No Deal, Robbie tells you all you need to know to become a successful trader from how to find good shares in the first place, to the best times to buy and sell, as well as how to make sure you have the right mindset for long term success it involves an unlikely combination of the secrets of Derren Brown and Dad s Army You can also find out how Robbie has even made money during market meltdowns as well as what his biggest mistakes have been so that you can avoid them If you re a complete beginner, The Naked Trader is the best place to start But it s also absolutely perfect if you re already trading and want to learn some new, common sense trading ideas that really work So whether you just want to make a few quid on the side while you re at work or want to go on to make money from the markets full time and quit work like Robbie, The Naked Trader is everything you ve been looking for Grab some tea and toast and start trading the naked way Another great read from the Naked Trader some of the book will be familiar if you have read any of Robbie s previous books but its full of gold nuggets of new stuff he s learned since last time.A great and easy read its worth going to his seminars if you haven t been before he s a great speaker the only thing you may find is his system of researching shares is so simple you think it can t be so easy and can then start to add in other filters rules and over complicate it yourself.The main take away is have a plan before you get into the trade so you know what your exit is if it goes wrong as you will be wrong at least half the time getting out of something that starts to go wrong early is one of the strongest messages that comes across.Also note when I say his way of researching a share is keeping things simple at no point will he elude like some charlatens that its a doddle to make money out of trading.