ROLL UP ROLL UP READ ALL ABOUT IT Ladies and Gents, Sir Jack Dodger brings you a most excellent Guide to London Did you know If a Victorian couldn t afford a sweep, they might drop a goose down their chimney to clean it A nobby lady s unmentionables could weigh up to lbs Parliament had to be suspended during the Great Stink ofFrom the wretches of the rookeries to the fancy coves at Buckingham Palace, Dodger will show you every dirty inch of London Warning Includes orrible murders, naughty ladies and plenty of geezers Came in perfect condition and a very good book though maybe interesting for those interested in a literary history of London or something of the world of Dodger than something strictly historical or along the satirical humour of Terry Pratchett though there is humour none the less I suspect it was not possible for him to write without its use RIP.A must for any serious PTerry fan or anyone who enjoys the London of Dickens time, just don t go losing it when you go time travelling there This is a very good sideways look at the whims and history of every day Londoners as were with lots of very entertaining proper history thrown in for good measure You have to cast your mind into the mood to fully appreciate it though May be not to everyone s taste as we do not all relate to London Would be very interesting if someone could get hold of stories, anecdotes and history of other cities around the British Isles. As you would expect from Mr P, great fun but the book is also quite informative I wasn t necessarily expecting it and I ve not checked everything in the book, however I recognize several items as being historically correct Possibly everything is I just wanted to add the book to my TP library.