The Hunger Games proved to be one of the most exciting films ofand Beyond DistrictThe Stars of The Hunger Games gives you an exclusive look at the up and coming young actors behind the three main roles of Katniss, Gale and Peeta With detailed biographies outlining Liam, Jennifer, and Josh s early lives, their first forays into acting and how they landed the most sought after roles in Hollywood, this book gives you the chance to really get to know your new favourite screen idols Beautifully illustrated with glossy photographs of each hot young sensation, Beyond DistrictThe Stars of the Hunger Games also profiles the characters that they will be playing in the film franchise already being dubbed the new Twilight The Hunger Games film is sure to be one of the cinematic highlights of next year and Beyond DistrictThe Stars of the Hunger Games gives you exclusive first access to the on and off screen lives of the soon to be household names at the heart of the movi

6 thoughts on “Beyond District 12 (Hunger Games Film Tie in)

  1. Annette Molin Annette Molin says:

    This is a great book with a lot of new information which weren t in the books There are also some quizzes in it to check your knowledge, which I liked.

  2. Ms. A Ms. A says:

    I loved the books and the film of the hunger games and wanted to know about the stars of the film This book give a detailed write up of the main stars and is a great read Loved it

  3. Mr. I. J. M. Tinsley Mr. I. J. M. Tinsley says:


  4. Miss Joanne Warrington Miss Joanne Warrington says:

    love this book very informative all really good pictures of everyone in hunger games, only thing not much information on the other two boys

  5. hennez hennez says:

    The book is unofficial biographies on the three main actors of the hunger games Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutchinson and Liam Hemsworth It tells you their previous work, how they got into acting and what they thought about taking part in a big movie like this The book is filled with brightly illustrated pictures and is very addicting I like this book but there is no interviews with the actors for the book, just quotes from other interviews which is annyoing but isn t the end of the world A must read for fans of the hunger games or any of the actors in it

  6. Guchman Guchman says:

    Reading the summary gives you a very accurate idea of what you ll be getting A lot of the biographical information you can get from Wikipedia or IMDB and the book may have even used the entries from those two websites word for word I m not sure I didn t really check, although it seemed very similar That could ve just been the fact that the information was the same though The book certainly adds depth to the biographies of the three actors and the information about their experiences with the Hunger Games movie itself is unique to the book I believe The pictures are available online as well but just about everything is available on the internet at this point so that s not saying much The quality of the photos is far better than anything you can get on a computer and if you were to buy a poster of one of the photos it would probably be the same price as this book Instead, you get a bunch of pictures.My only disappointment was that the book was only about the three characters I knew that going in and everybody else should too if they read the title of the book and the summary I just think they could have made the book bigger and included the actors that played the other named tributes, plus Willow Shields who plays Prim The adults in the film could be done too but that would probably be too much and it s probably unnecessary since in all likelihood all of the adults have plenty of biographical information out already The book seems to be meant to highlight up and coming actors although Josh Hutcherson has been around for a while I get the feeling that Willow and Amandla Stenberg, who plays Rue, will be legends someday as long as directors and fans let them move on from the child star thing when the time comes If those two get to play a bunch of different roles as they get older, they should be huge.Anyway, it s an excellent book for information on the three actors I just wish there was information about people.