I purchased these Training Notes to prepare for the entry AWS exam Before getting AWS CERTIFIED Cloud Practioner 2019 Training Notes, I read all of the AWS provided material and felt pretty good about understanding the content But just as insurance I ordered the Training Notes by Neal Davis from , and I am glad that I did The AWS system is designed to attract the lay person to be able to get up to speed with AWS quickly and be productive And I think that anyone can have this as a realistic goal But the exam questions are like many exams, designed to search out and test minor details in the body of knowledge These training notes are almost like notes that you would take yourself, capturing the key information, significantly the key testable information and having that information assembled in a way that encapsulates the service, tool, or concept that AWS has advanced with their cloud computing service I haven t taken the exam yet But I feel that giving myself this added preparation is money well spent One point with purchase of the book, 65 practice questions are made available through a website Great questions that reflect the test able content that I mention above. I used this material during my preparation for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam and found it really valuable It definitely helped me enhance my understanding of the exam topics and provided valuable notes that will be used throughout my AWS learning phase Highly recommended. Preparing for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam and looking for a way to fast track your exam success Then thesetraining notes for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam are for you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Deep dive into the CLF C exam objectives withpages of detailed facts, tables and diagrams ALWAYS UP TO DATE These key exam essentials reflect the latest CLF C exam blueprint and are regularly updated BONUS QUIZ QUESTIONS Review your knowledge at the end of each major chapter withquiz questions ONLINE PRACTICE TEST Simulate the real exam withscored and timed practice questions in Digital Cloud Training s online learning environment CLEAR LANGUAGE Focused and to the point presented in aneasy to read format GAIN THE EDGE ON EXAM DAY Learn from AWS subject matter experts with this essential exam cram SAVE VALUABLE TIME Get straight to the facts you need to know to successfully pass your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam first timeS Solution Architect and successful IT instructor, Neal Davis, has consolidatedALL the information you need to pass thelatest CLF C examinto this essential cheat sheet This is a great resource for diving deep into each AWS service covered on the AWS exam which saves you from needing to browse hundreds of AWS FAQ pages and sorting through stacks of irrelevant informationThe AWS Cloud Practitioner certification is a great first step into the world of Cloud Computing and requires a foundational knowledge of Web Services, its architectural principles, value proposition, billing and pricing and key servicesBased on the CLF C exam blueprint, these Training Noteswill shortcut your study time and maximize your chance of passing the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam first timePlease note that this document doesnotread like an instructional text It provides a raw, point to point list of facts backed by tables and diagrams to help with understanding andretaining the facts you need to rememberFor easy navigation, the information on each AWS service in this document is organized into the same categories as they are in the AWS Management ConsoleThe scope of coverage of services, and what information is included for each service, is based on feedback from Digital Cloud Training s pool of over , students who have recently taken the AWS exam BONUS MATERIALQUIZ QUESTIONS Review your knowledge and test your understanding with a total ofunique quiz questions This way you can easily measure your learning progress SIMULATE THE REAL EXAM Get FREE access to the online exam simulator from Digital Cloud Training to evaluate your exam readinessThe full length Practice Tests withUNIQUE questions is timedmins and scored passing score is % mimicking the real exam environment so you get familiar with the AWS exam format Every question includes deep dive reference links and detailed explanations that explain why each answer is correct or incorrect Excellent book for Cloud Practitioner Course, well explained a lot of rich materials and the structure of the book is fantastic for it is well organised.I will recommended this book to any one who is getting in to the AWS Cloud.Thanks you Neal for putting a lot of work on this book. The notes were very thorough and enabled a great understanding of the content. Very good resource for training.The book is comprehensive, and all information is matched to exam objectives Very effective for learning.The online practice questions are very helpful. O Livro aborda todos os servi os AWS que s o cobrados na prova de certifica o, de uma forma direta e clara Alem disto ainda ganhei um simulado para testar meus conhecimentos e determinar qual assunto tenho que estudar mais. The book gives a very good overview of the individual topics of the Cloud Practitioner exam The detailed explanations also help to better understand the individual topics and services This wasn t my only source of study material, but it was just the right size for using as final revision.It wasn t just bullet points, and went into enough detail to be both readable and informative, without being too heavy and long winded Pretty much the right balance for the exam.There is an online test available through the book, which in itself would be worth the cost of the book especially the kindle version These questions are so far out of date it is worthless.Did the exam and the AWS sample questions and these are almost from a different exam.Not worth wasting your money on.