Make sure to send me a photo of the book via my email shared in the introduction I ll enroll you to the digital product where you ll have access to additional materials like videos and the source codeIf you ve never thought of using Go for a web API let me teach you It s easy, quick and it s fun Together, we ll build a strong, API first, reusable code base suitable for building a SaaS or web application By the end of the book you ll have a solid framework to use as the starting point for future projects I ve built two successful SaaS applications in the last four years using these techniques They are LeadFuze and Roadmap and I use the same stack, techniques and process that ll I teach in this bookGo is a fantastic language, you ll be productive in less than one week We ll dive deep in to the excellent HTTP package and you ll learn useful knowledge that can be used with any other languagePre requisites The book assumes you already have Go setup and that you ve followed some getting started tutorials and written at least one function by yourself in GoBasics knowledge of the HTTP requests responses life cycle would be helpful Knowing what a REST API is, HTTP methods, JSON format The book would be best if you ve already built a web application in another language