Programming Doesn t Have To Be Difficult If You Want To Get Started With Python Programming, Read OnHow many times have you thought about learning how to code but got discouraged because you had no technical background, didn t have the time to learn, or you just didn t think you were smart enough Would you like to learn thebasicsof python programmingeven if you are a complete novice If so, this book can help youTechnology Entrepreneur, James Tudor, provides aconcise, step by step guide toPython programming forbeginners A lot of examples, illustrations, end of chapter summary and practice exercises with solutions are provided to help the readerlearn faster, remember longer and develop a thorough understanding of key conceptsInThis Book, you ll discover A concise Simple Newbyfriendly style of teaching that lends itself well to beginnersChapters that have been slicedintobite size chunksto give you the information youneed at that point in time soyou re not overwhelmedLots of simple, step by step examples andillustrations are used to emphasis key conceptsand help improve your understandingEach practice exercise builds on concepts discussed in previous chapters so yourlearning is reinforced as you progressTopics are carefully selected to give you a broad exposure to Python, while not overwhelming you with too much potentially unnecessary informationAn end ofchapter summary is presentedto give you key take aways that help you solidify your understandingSome of the topics covered include How to get started what you need andwhere to get it ChapterHow a computer functions and what a computer program is ChapterSimple data typesthat are available to you andhow to manipulate them Chapter and much, muchPlease be aware, this book is only an extended preview of the paid versionPython For Beginners Learn Python InDays With Step by Step Guidance And Hands On Exercises The intention with this free version is to give you the opportunity to see the authors teaching style and the quality of the material coveredShould you wish to upgrade to the paid version, five in depth chapters on conditions and loops, functions and modules etc are covered In addition, asolution booklet for the chapter exercises is provided