If you read this book irregardless of experience you will learn something Warrens common sense approach and attitude towards investing really shines through and would give anyone a huge insight into becoming a great investor However if you ve never traded or read any books on the subjects this is not the place to start. Nice book for investment Suitable for both beginners and experienced investors I m a big fan of Buffet but this was purchased with someone wanting a lighter read on holiday I must admit, as someone who doesn t work or have a degree in finance I did get a little confused with the technical side in a few chapters and found myself ocassionally lost whist reading Some of the chapter were easy for me to digest and gave me a good insight into Buffets world I m not sure I ll be able to afford Berkshire shares this decade but if anything this book has made me want to work that little bit harder I bought this to try to learn a bit about finance and the stock market Pleasantly surprised by the clear and simple writing style of Mr Buffett Towards the end it definitely starts to feel as if you are reading a series of distinct excerpts from business reports which this book really is but early on there is actually a good consistent flow to the selected reports Definitely improved my understanding of business and finance. An updated edition of the bestselling collection of timeless wisdom from the world s greatest investor Readers of Warren Buffett s letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have gained an enormously valuable informal education in the art of investing Broad in scope and long on wisdom, Buffett s letters explain his principles on sound investing, selecting managers, valuing businesses, using financial information profitably, and other vital topics for investors This newly updated Fourth Edition includes Buffett s latest wisdom on such topics as the financial crisis, the housing bubble, corporate governance, Berkshire Hathaway s acquisition of Burlington Northern Santa Fe, the role of oversight in heavily regulated industries, today s best investing opportunities, and the weaknesses of popular option valuation models Features investing advice in plain English from one of the world s most legendary investors Includes Buffett s insights on the current financial crisis and recession Offers new and potent insight on good corporate governance and other issues vital to executives and managers For investors, corporate executives, managers, and Buffett fans, The Essays of Warren Buffett, Fourth Edition features the kind of wisdom on investing, finance, and leadership that can be found nowhere else No bad but no great This is a great gentle read through the thoughts of Mr Buffet as given to Berkshire s shareholders There is a lot of insight into how to judge the performance of Companies, and how to act as an investor rather than an executive I found it both entertaining and thought provoking. Brilliant product, very happy with the purchase, arrived quickly, Thank you A Ich habe bereits die Biografie von Warren Buffet gelesen und bin dar ber auf die Essays gesto en.Einige Teile davon stammen von den Letters to the Shareholders, die auch auf der Webseite kostenfrei abrufbar sind.Das Buch hat aber einen guten roten Faden und Struktur F r den Preis absolut lohnenswert. top notch education for any investor and business executive Must read for fundamental value style investors.