Build a better defense against motivated, organized, professional attacks Advanced Penetration Testing Hacking the World s Most Secure Networks takes hacking far beyond Kali linux and Metasploit to provide acomplex attack simulation Featuring techniques not taught in any certification prep or covered by common defensive scanners, this book integrates social engineering, programming, and vulnerability exploits into a multidisciplinary approach for targeting and compromising high security environments From discovering and creating attack vectors, and moving unseen through a target enterprise, to establishing command and exfiltrating dataeven from organizations without a direct Internet connectionthis guide contains the crucial techniques that provide aaccurate picture of your system s defense Custom coding examples use VBA, Windows Scripting Host, C, Java, JavaScript, Flash, and , with coverage of standard library applications and the use of scanning tools to bypass common defensive measuresTypical penetration testing consists of low level hackers attacking a system with a list of known vulnerabilities, and defenders preventing those hacks using an equally well known list of defensive scans The professional hackers and nation states on the forefront of today s threats operate at a muchcomplex leveland this book shows you how to defend your high security networkUse targeted social engineering pretexts to create the initial compromiseLeave a command and control structure in place for long term accessEscalate privilege and breach networks, operating systems, and trust structuresInfiltrate further using harvested credentials while expanding controlToday s threats are organized, professionally run, and very much for profit Financial institutions, health care organizations, law enforcement, government agencies, and other high value targets need to harden their IT infrastructure and human capital against targeted advanced attacks from motivated professionals Advanced Penetration Testinggoes beyond Kali linux and Metasploit and to provide you advanced pen testing for high security networks

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