Updated with the latest advances from the field, GUIDE TO COMPUTER FORENSICS AND INVESTIGATIONS, Fifth Edition combines all encompassing topic coverage, authoritative information from seasoned experts, and real world applications to deliver the most comprehensive forensics resource available This proven author team s wide ranging areas of expertise mirror the breadth of coverage provided in the book, which focuses on techniques and practices for gathering and analyzing evidence used to solve crimes involving computers While other books offer of an overview of the field, this hands on learning text provides clear instruction on the tools and techniques of the trade, introducing readers to every step of the computer forensics investigation from lab set up to testifying in court It also details step by step guidance on how to use current forensics software and provides free demo downloads Appropriate for learners new to the field, it is also an excellent refresher and technology update for professionals in law enforcement, investigations, or computer security

15 thoughts on “Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations (with DVD) (Mindtap Course List)

  1. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I paid 160 for your Guide to Computer Forensics and Investigations with DVD on as I needed the DVD to do class assignments, and the DVD doesn t work I ve tried two laptops already Also, where is the access code we are told we get for online material This is a lot of money to spend for a non functional DVD and no access code I could of rented the book for much cheaper but paid full price so I had these two items, and I don t have either.

  2. Dewey Mullins Dewey Mullins says:

    You can get DVD content from the Cengage site by creating an account and searching tools by the ISBM and downloading the free tools for the book Only four out of five because they don t provide any instructions or other means for you to know what to do but by reading another person s post I did what he said and I found the content Don t despair you can get it too.

  3. Denise M Denise M says:

    Don t rent this book on , you can t get an access code from Cengage to do the chapter assignments They are less than helpful in the transcontinental chat Told me to contact .

  4. Rob K Rob K says:

    ATTENTION Ebook users You CAN get the DVD content still, it just does not come with the Ebook Visit the student dashboard on cengage s website, signup, and search for free tools using the ISBN to get a link It is IMPORTANT to download these files ASAP since the access to the files expires after a couple weeks I was pretty annoyed as well when I realized that the DVD content was not included, after doing some searching I found how to get it Don t be discouraged, if you want the Ebook, grab it in confidence 4 stars since it is not the clearest regarding the DVD material with zero help on how to get it I will update the review after my class to reflect the actual content in it Hope this helps Rob K.

  5. EagleI EagleI says:

    Not able to download on kindle, open case with digital department 2 months ago No one got back to me and I finally asked again and they want the logs now If I can t use this book in all kindle application then whats the point My whole semester is finished Would apply for refund if there is no resolution after I send the logs.

  6. Martin Martin says:

    I am using this as a text in my graduate forensics course The information is easy to follow and understand.Even though the seller is in the UK, delivery was in the range quoted at purchase You can t beat their price on a new copy.

  7. D Mann D Mann says:

    Good in the sense that it opens up a lot of software venues, configuration settings, and application intention, but its not written very well The index has inaccuracies, a few misspelled words This book misses its mark, and doesn t leave you with much than you would get from a KALI course.

  8. Tyneka Kearse Tyneka Kearse says:

    I liked that it gave you exercises that actually had you go through and perform the different functions.

  9. TruRev TruRev says:

    This is very good for beginners I am on the third chapter and learning a lot Also, it confirms some of the choices that I have made in the past about various certifications and standards It is used a textbook for a master program but it reads like an undergrad book to this point.

  10. Andromeda Dude Andromeda Dude says:

    This is a great read for anyone taking a course on the subject, or who just wants to expand their knowledge It is easy to understand and well organized My only complaint would be that some of the software used for the activities can be unstable.

  11. z55z.co Customer z55z.co Customer says:

    I m online with cengage support right now Because the book is in EBOOK FORMAT they can t help me with the DVD content Everything on their website is pay, there is no free content like some of the other reviews said I purchased an Ebook for 90 not renting and there are no access codes It completely defeats the purpose because you can t do the course without the materials in the DVD.

  12. Brittany Brittany says:

    Got this for a computer class Provided excellent details relevant info that I needed for the class.

  13. NiteLine NiteLine says:

    Labs and exercises were a joke Some labs didn t even have the right images on the CD.

  14. Boats Boats says:

    Purchased for school

  15. Surprise Tin Surprise Tin says:

    Some of the information in this book is dated, but it is presented in a way that guides the reader to find up to date information This book is good for both learning and for future reference material.