If you re bored with hackneyed debates, decades old right wing and left wing clich s, you may enjoy the bold thinking, fresh ideas, lively prose, and evidence based arguments in Utopia for Realists Steven Pinker, author of The Language InstinctIn this surprising, accessible and often counterintuitive book Bregman explores some brilliant but simple ideas for making a better world Brian Eno Brilliant, comprehensive, truly enlightening, and eminently readable Obligatory reading for everyone worried about the wrongs of present day society and wishing to contribute to their cure Zygmunt Bauman, Professor Emeritus of Leeds University and one of the world s most eminent social theorists An excellent read and full of well told stories and details I didn t know Tim Harford, author of The Undercover Economist A wonderfully readable breath of fresh air, a window thrown open to a better future Bregman combines deep research with wit, challenging us to think anew about how we want to live and who we want to be Required reading Philipp Blomm, author of The Vertigo YearsSuperbly written, upbeat, insightful Philippe van Parijs, Harvard University professor and co founder of the Basic Income Earth Network If energy, enthusiasm and aphorism could make the world better, then Rutger Bregman s book would do it The writing is powerful and fluent A boisterously good read IndependentIf you d like to see a fairer world but don t know how to get there, this book is for you Bregman brilliantly shows how ideas commonly dismissed as utopian are eminently possible, indeed have almost happened Ben Rawlence, Ben Rawlence, author of City of Thorns Nine Lives in the World s Largest Refugee CampBregman shows us we ve been looking at the world inside out Turned right way out we suddenly see fundamentally new ways forward If we can get enough people to read this book, the world will start to become a better place Richard Wilkinson, co author of The Spirit Level A boisterously good read John Rentoul IndependentRutger Bregman makes a compelling case for Universal Basic Income with a wealth of data and rooted in a keen understanding of the political and intellectual history of capitalism He shows the many ways in which human progress has turned a Utopia into a Eutopia a positive future that we can achieve with the right policiesAlbert Wenger, entrepreneur and partner at Union Square Ventures, early backers of Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Etsy and KickstarterThe impact of this book in the Netherlands has been huge Not only did Rutger Bregman launch a highly successful and long running debate in the media, he also inspired a movement across the country that is putting his ideas into practice Now it s time for the rest of the world Joris Luyendijk, author of Swimming with Sharks A wonderful call to utopian thinking around incomes and the workweek, and a welcome antidote to the pessimism surrounding robots taking our jobs Charles Kenny, senior fellow at the Center for Global Development and author of The Upside of DownA bold call for utopian thinking Highly recommended Nick Srnicek, co author of Inventing the FutureA short, sharp big ideas book set to make waves Sunday ExpressSuperbly written, upbeat, insightful Philippe van Parijs, Harvard University professor and co founder of the Basic Income Earth Network Ce texte fait r f rence l dition BrochIn Utopia for Realists, Rutger Bregman shows that we can construct a society with visionary ideas that are, in fact, wholly implementable Every milestone of civilisation from the end of slavery to the beginning of democracy was once considered a utopian fantasy New utopian ideas such as guaranteed basic income and a fifteen hour work week can become reality in our lifetime