HANNELORE, YOUR PAPA IS DEAD In the spring ofHannelore received a letter from Mama at her school in Berlin, Germany Papa had been arrested and taken to a concentration camp Six weeks later he was sent home ashes in an urn Soon another letter arrived The Gestapo has notified your brothers and me that we are to be deported to the East whatever that means Hannelore knew labor camps, starvation, beatingsHow could Mama and her two younger brothers bear that She made a decision She would go home and be deported with her family Despite the horrors she faced in eight labor and concentration camps, Hannelore met and fell in love with a Polish POW named Dick Hillman Oskar Schindler was their one hope to survive Schindler had a plan to take eleven hundred Jews to the safety of his new factory in Czechoslovakia Incredibly both she and Dick were added to his list But survival was not that simple Weeks later Hannelore found herself, alone, outside the gates of Auschwitz, pushed toward the smoking crematoria I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree is the remarkable true story of one young woman s nightmarish coming of age But it is also a story about the surprising possibilities for hope and love in one of history s most brutal times

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