Award winning, beautifully illustrated introduction to William Shakespeare for children celebrating his life, his most famous plays and the time in which he lived Vividly brings to life Shakespeare s school days in Stratford Upon Avon, what it was like to live in Elizabethan London and the world of Tudor theatre in Shakespeare s Globe theatre Fun, charming summaries of some of Shakespeare s best loved plays help make the works of our greatest playwright accessible for children and introduces them to his most famous characters Muchthan a biography, this is an entertaining, informative look at our most celebrated playwright The perfect guide to help children be part of the Shakespearecelebrations inand to open up the magical world of the bard for themWon the Judges Highly Commended Award at theSLA Information Book Awards and has been shortlisted for the English Picture Book Awards Can be used to support the teaching of Shakespeare in the classroom and ahead of taking children to the theatre to see one of his plays for the first time Suitable for children agedFun activity sheets and other resources to accompany the book can be found at