Brilliant, timely, original, well written and utterly terrifying Niall Ferguson, Laurence A Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University A fascinating and thought provoking booka brilliant read for individuals, but should be mandatory reading for our politicians Shirley Cramer CBE, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Society for Public Health This timely, important, easy to read and intriguing book will make you pause and think, as well as better plan your lifeGratton and Scott s book is a wake up call for individuals, organizations, governments and societies Boris Groysberg, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School The authors understand implicitly that not only is the world as we know it changing beyond all recognition, but the way we lead our lives too This book could not betimely or necessary Julia Hobsbawm, Founder and CEO, Editorial Intelligence Ltd, and Honorary Visiting professor in Networking, Cass Business School This playfully original bookmakes a compelling case that as our lives become longer and healthier, the future might just be very, very different from what we have known until now Daron Acemoglu, Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology This wonderful new book prepares us for the possibilities of this brave new world of longevity, and teaches us what it will take to thrive in it Professor Herminia Ibarra, INSEADToo many books bemoan the economic problems facing ageing societies This splendid book is quite differentit should be read by anyone who wants to understand how life chances and choices will be transformed in a world where living beyondwill become the norm Lord Adair Turner, Senior research Fellow of the Institute for new Economic Thinking, and previously Chairman of the UK Pensions CommissionTo understand how and why things might change, there can be nowhere better to start than with the fascinating TheYear Life Baronness Alison Wolf, Sir Roy Griffiths Professor of Public Sector Management at King s College, LondonWhat will youryear life look like Does the thought of working fororyears fill you with dread Or can you see the potential for astimulating future as a result of having so much extra time Many of us have been raised on the traditional notion of a three stage approach to our working lives education, followed by work and then retirement But this well established pathway is already beginning to collapse life expectancy is rising, final salary pensions are vanishing, and increasing numbers of people are juggling multiple careers Whether you are ,or , you will need to do things very differently from previous generations and learn to structure your life in completely new ways TheYear Life is here to help Drawing on the unique pairing of their experience in psychology and economics, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott offer a broad ranging analysis as well as a raft of solutions, showing how to rethink your finances, your education, your career and your relationships and create a fulfillingyear life How can you fashion a career and life path that defines you and your values and creates a shifting balance between work and leisure What are the most effective ways of boosting your physical and mental health over a longer anddynamic lifespan How can you make the most of your intangible assets such as family and friends as you build a productive, longer life In a multiple stage life how can you learn to make the transitions that will be so crucial and experiment with new ways of living, working and learning Shortlisted for the FT McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award, TheYear Life is a wake up call that describes what to expect and considers the choices and options that you will face It is also fundamentally a call to action for individuals, politicians, firms and governments and offers the clearest demonstration that ayear life can be a wonderful and inspiring one