This book tells you everything you need to know to help your organization implement DevOps on the Microsoft platform You will learn how to use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, and Azure to implement a complete DevOps process in your company You will learn about Agile Project Management, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Technical Debt Management, Automatic Testing and Monitoring, and see how all these areas fit togetherDevOps is important for organizations that want to make the best use of their resources and avoid costly mistakes Teams that embrace DevOps deploy code up totimesfrequently than their competition and less than % of their deployments fail according to Puppet Labs State of DevOps surveyDevOps on the Microsoft Stack shows you how to help your organization implement DevOps, covering the tooling they will need and how to make everything work together while following best practices The focus is not only on technology but also on the cultural issues that teams will face when implementing DevOps The author s goal is to not only show you which tooling there is but help you to successfully use everything together to implement DevOps in your projects and organizationIn this book, you ll learn What DevOps is and how it can help development teamsHow to use Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services, and Azure to setup a DevOps processHow to introduce DevOps to your organization and how to overcome problems