Take your distributed applications to the next level and see what the reference architectures associated with microservices can do for you This book begins by showing you the distributed computing architecture landscape and provides an in depth view of microservices architecture Following this, you will work with CQRS, an essential pattern for microservices, and get a view of how distributed messaging works Moving on, you will take a deep dive into Spring Boot and Spring CloudComing back to CQRS, you will learn how event driven microservices work with this pattern, using the Axonframework This takes you on to how transactions work with microservices followed by advanced architectures to address non functional aspects such as high availability and scalability In the concluding part of the book you develop your ownenterprise grademicroservices application using the Axon framework and true BASE transactions, while making it as secure as possibleWhat You Will LearnShift from monolith architecture to microservicesWork with distributed and ACID transactionsBuild solid architectures without two phase commit transactionsDiscover the high availability principles in microservicesWho This Book Is ForJava developers with basic knowledge of distributed and multi threaded application architecture, and no knowledge of Spring Boot or Spring Cloud Knowledge of CQRS and event driven architecture is not mandatory as this book will cover these in depth