Microsoft used to release a new version of Windows every three years or so With Windows , that pace has quickened, with new Windowsfeature updates arriving every six monthsThats why, less than three years after the initial release of WindowsInside Out, were working on an all new Third Edition for WindowsInside Out, rd Editionwill include coverage of a long list of new and improved features released in , including the all new Timeline feature and major changes in Microsoft EdgeLast year, the installed base of Windowspowered PCs increased by thanmillion That pace of adoption will continue to rise as Windows users face the imminent end of support for Windowsa less thanmonths after this book is publishedThose new Windowsusers will be under intense pressure to learn about Windowsquickly, and even early adopters will be looking for up to date information sourcesWindowsInside Out, rd Editionwill have both groups coveredThe format and page count of this new edition will not change significantly from previous editions Inside, though, were revising the content see the attached chapter outline to emphasize whats new in recent updates and how to adapt to the faster pace of change in the Windows as a service eraAs always, the WindowsInside Outaudience includes both Windows experts and those who aspire to be experts The primary focus is on features that individuals can configure and manage on their own devices, but it also includes detailed discussions of tools that consultants and IT professionals can use to manage WindowsPCs in business environments

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    PhysicalThis book has 822 pages including index, has grayscale images on great quality paper and good size of the text for those requiring specs Target audience, H.N.D, Undergrad, post grad, Masters Its aimed as H.N.D level primarily Whats it cover then Chapter 1 What you need to know about Windows 10, Chapter 2, Installing, Configuring, and Deploying Windows 10, Chapter 3 Using Windows 10, Chapter 4 Personalising Windows 10, Chapter 5 Managing Updates, Chapter 6, Installing and Configuring Modern Apps and Desktop Apps, Chapter 7 Using and Managing built in Windows Apps, Chapter 8, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, Chapter 9, Storage and File Management, Chapter 10, Cortana and Windows Search, Chapter 11, Managing User Accounts, Password and Credentials, Chapter 12, Performance and Power Management, Chapter 13 Windows Networking, Chapter 14, Hardware and Devices, Chapter 15, Troubleshooting, Backup and Recovery, Chapter 16, Hyper V, Chapter 17, Managing Business PC s, Chapter 18, Windows Security and Privacy, Chapter 19 Powershell and Other Advanced Management Power Tools, Chapter 20 Maximizing Productivity on a Portable PC, Appendix A, Windows 10 Editions and Licensing Options, Appendix B, The Windows Insider Program, Appendix C,Help and Support Resources, IndexThe book is in my opinion designed to support business clients with a taste of what s required and needed, but not in great depth Rather than a user in the home You find this after Chapter 16 It does express topics that I have not encountered before, and I learned about things, Such as Hyper V, I just knew about Oracle VM VirtualBox Machines I liked Chapters 1 to Chapters 10 for this home tech user It has given me a taste and direction where to go for information, such as needing to explore in Settings and Control Panel exploration, and Administrative Tools SummaryGood book but basic basics for Home users constrained by needs for a business environment.

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    Recently changed to 10, glad I did I like to learn from books and this one is excellant so far

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    A good manual for those familiar with previos versions of Windows.

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    This is a great book it s very standard.


    Returning The Book.

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    Unless this book is in color it is almost worthless Way too much to pay for a black and white reference book I am assuming the kindle download may be in color Print version needs to be in color Returning book

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    Microsoft Press titles have never disappointed The graphics make this huge book easy to jump around, and make it less intimidating to read for information that I thought I already knew Inside Out is an apt description and I can recommend this for multiple experience levels.