Your First Step into the World of Wireless NetworksNo experience required Gain an understanding of wireless networking basics with this reader friendly guide The first book anyone should read about wireless networks with step by step instruction Learn from an author experienced in and known for writing to a generalist wireless audience with a clear, simple to understand styleAs a basic introduction to wireless networking, Wireless Networks First Step assumes that readers have no previous wireless experience The book provides an overview of wireless networking, along with details of applicable standards and technologies Newcomers to wireless technologies will find practical information along with an abundance of examples Case studies throughout the chapters provide real world implementation examples, presented in a non technical fashion Implementation details are discussed only to the extent that readers can identify what type of wireless network may be appropriate for their needs Wireless Networks First Step, written by Jim Geier, begins with a basic introduction to wireless networks and an explanation of radio wave communications It then reviews different types of wireless networks including WPANs wireless personal area networks , WLANs wireless local area networks , wireless MANs metropolitan area networks , and WWANs wireless wide area networks The final section covers security threats to wireless networks, and solutions to combat these threats

5 thoughts on “Wireless Networks First-Step (First-Step Series)

  1. Regards Regards says:

    Gives a general overview of wireless networks as promised Talks a lot and repeats about all the wonderfull things that could be done with a wireless network, but not so much about details and specifics of creating one If you want wireless network or device details, perhaps download a manual for the device you are interested in Otherwise a good introduction covering wireless transmission in general Easy read, with something for everyone And as always good to learn foundation basics.

  2. Grace M. Parrott Grace M. Parrott says:

    Good beginner book Not one that I would use all the time Has great information and is well written Came when promised.

  3. rickwms rickwms says:

    Even though it does not look like any text was cut off it is annoying to read a book that has some pages cut right and others are crooked and right down to the bottom edge of the book.

  4. A. Archer A. Archer says:

    I bought this book for my wireless class, and i have to say i love it, the examples are very clear and everything is explained nicely.

  5. G-MAN G-MAN says:

    Great product Fast Shipping As promised