Ron has delivered a powerful book for anyone that uses Microsoft Project 2003 because he explains complicated concepts in an easy to understand format But this book is than a software guide, it provides an enlightening approach to project management that makes this book worth reading for anyone in project management regardless of whether they use Microsoft Project or not.Unfortunately, too many books and articles on project management offer poor advice These are written by technicians who don t understand the real world they focus on process instead of results Project Management is simply the art of getting things done Ron knows how to get results and reveals the secrets to getting the desired results I ve presented hundreds of seminars on project management, yet the advice Ron conveys in his easy to read style still opens my eyes to new ideas This is a book everyone in project management must read I know my copy will be worn out. Get this book and get it done This up to date, unique guide provides solutions for anyone whoas been assigned a project to manage Instead of just focusing on how to use Microsoft Project 2003, it teaches you the concepts of formal project management, and then shows you how to set this popular project management software to work This book includes everything managers will need to organize projects, track their progress, and present them like professionals a Includes updated standards and terms in compliance with the Project Management Instituteas Project Management Book of Knowledge a Features step by step instructions, web collaboration and publishing for projects, team communication, and full explanations of common andintermediate project management terms a Covers Microsoft Project 2003athe most up to date versionaplus MS Project 2000 and 2002 This book does a very good job of explaining the essentials of project management, as well as basic project management theory The problem for me lies with the with Microsoft Project 2003 part of the book the lack of practice or at least example files Screen shots illustrating various Project 2003 screens were just not enough for me I needed to see and the book should have referred to actual sample Microsoft Project projects In addition, it could have been a bit comprehensive I found that a lot of basic Project 2003 how to information was missing Project 2003 is a very feature rich application and this book just scratches the surface I think the Microsoft Press Step by Step volume is a much better introduction to using this application for project management although not as strong on the theory. I needed to know MS Project fast This is an excellent reference guide and was very helpful Good read that gave me lots of handy hints and tips, both in project management itself and in using Project 2003 A definite buy.