It s easy to capture packets with Wireshark, the world s most popular network sniffer, whether off the wire or from the air But how do you use those packets to understand what s happening on your networkWith an expanded discussion of network protocols andcompletely new scenarios, this extensively revised second edition of the best selling Practical Packet Analysis will teach you how to make sense of your PCAP data You ll find new sections on troubleshooting slow networks and packet analysis for security to help you better understand how modern exploits and malware behave at the packet level Add to this a thorough introduction to the TCP IP network stack and you re on your way to packet analysis proficiency Learn how toUse packet analysis to identify and resolve common network problems like loss of connectivity, DNS issues, sluggish speeds, and malware infectionsBuild customized capture and display filtersMonitor your network in real time and tap live network communicationsGraph traffic patterns to visualize the data flowing across your networkUse advanced Wireshark features to understand confusing capturesBuild statistics and reports to help you better explain technical network information to non techiesPractical Packet Analysis is a must for any network technician, administrator, or engineer Stop guessing and start troubleshooting the problems on your network

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