SummarySpring Microservices in Action teaches you how to build microservice based applications using Java and the Spring platformPurchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications About the technology Microservices break up your code into small, distributed, and independent services that require careful forethought and design Fortunately, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud simplify your microservice applications, just as the Spring Framework simplifies enterprise Java development Spring Boot removes the boilerplate code involved with writing a REST based service Spring Cloud provides a suite of tools for the discovery, routing, and deployment of microservices to the enterprise and the cloud About the BookSpring Microservices in Action teaches you how to build microservice based applications using Java and the Spring platform You ll learn to do microservice design as you build and deploy your first Spring Cloud application Throughout the book, carefully selected real life examples expose microservice based patterns for configuring, routing, scaling, and deploying your services You ll see how Spring s intuitive tooling can help augment and refactor existing applications with micro services What s Inside Core microservice design principlesManaging configuration with Spring Cloud ConfigClient side resiliency with Spring, Hystrix, and RibbonIntelligent routing using Netflix ZuulDeploying Spring Cloud applications About the Reader This book is written for developers with Java and Spring experience About the Author John Carnell is a senior cloud engineer with twenty years of experience in Java Table of contents Welcome to the cloud, Spring Building microservices with Spring Boot Controlling your configuration with Spring Cloud configuration server On service discovery When bad things happen client resiliency patterns with Spring Cloud and Netflix Hystrix Service routing with Spring Cloud and Zuul Securing your microservices Event driven architecture with Spring Cloud Stream Distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth and Zipkin Deploying your microservices