Description Why use several languages for a web application when you only need one Nodejs is a server side platform and runtime that readers can use to build full stack web applications entirely in JavaScriptGet Programming with Nodejs teaches readers to write server side code in JavaScript using Nodejs Infast paced, fun, and practical lessons, readers discover how to extend their existing JavaScript skills to write back end code for their web applicationsKey features Fast paced Practical lessons Hands on guideAudience Written for developers who know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript No prior experience with Nodejs is requiredAbout the technology Node supports scalable, high performance applications with easy asynchronous communication, an event driven mindset, and a vast ecosystem of tools and modules Node can handle the real time response rates that games, chat sites, and statistical services need, and you get to program everything in JavaScriptAuthor biographyJonathan Wexler has an extensive background in computer theory and web development Having curated a Nodejs curriculum as the academic director and lead developer for The New York Code and Design Academy, Jonathan has instructed multiple intensive programs in full stack development and currently works as a senior developer for Bloomberg LP

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