If you think Modern and C dont belong in the same sentence, think again The C standards committee actively reviews and extends the language, with updated published C standards as recently asIn Modern C, author Jens Gustedt teaches you the skills and features you need to write relevant programs in this tried and true language, including Linux and Windows, device drivers, web servers and browsers, smartphones, and much Modern C teaches you to take your C programming skills to new heights, whether youre just starting out with C or have extensive experience Organized by level, this comprehensive guide lets you jump in where it suits you best while still reaping the maximum benefits Key Features Fundamentals of C programming Operators and functions Performance techniques C library functionsFor than four decades, C has proved its usefulness and staying power for everything from massive systems for mainframes, satellites, and internet browsers to tiny embedded systems in vending machines, credit card readers, and alarm clocks Today youll find lightning fast, elegant C programs running in smartphone kernels, databases, D movies, video games, and scores of other modern applications For programmers comfortable writing simple programs in a language like Java, Python, Ruby, C , C, or CJens Gustedt has been a senior scientist at the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control INRIA since , working in areas including algorithms, scientific experimentation, models for coarse grained parallelism, and distributed locking Currently, hes conducting the Modular C project, which has given rise to libraries such as arbogast and EiLck