Joan Windham s Sixty Saints for Girls contains all her stories of girl and woman saints from her other books, with a number of new ones added The stores are arranged by date, beginning with Our Lady s mother, St Anne, and finishing with another Anne, Anne de Guigne this Anne, who died in , aged , has not been canonized, but she was declared Venerable on March ,by Pope John Paul II In between is a lovely mix of saints, young and old, princesses and pilgrims, mothers and grandmothers and nuns a goose girl and a horse dealer s daughter a girl who was kidnapped by pirates, a veterinarian, and believe it or not a ventriloquist These stories are ideally suited to inspire readers to fall in love with virtue No child reading them will ever suppose that saints are all cut to one pattern or that holiness is less interesting than bad behavior Anyone who wants to know what a saint is really like will get a clear and beautiful picture by reading these accounts, and they can be enjoyed over and over again by children of all ages, and by adults alike