Blending evolutionary biology, computation thinking, meditation exercises and , The Code of the Extraordinary Mind provides a new framework for understanding and enhancing the human self It also includes interviews that Lakhiani has conducted with Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Peter Diamandis, Ken Wilber, Dean Kamen, Michael Beckwith, Dave Asprey, Arianna Huffington, and other legendary actors on today s stage ranging from billionaires to bio hackers Armed with the mega marketing power of Mindvalleymillion opt in subscribers and counting, plus millions using apps and other communities , Vishen Lakhiani is one of the most influential people in personal growth today Watching some videos on youtube of Vishen and Mindvalley is what inspired me to read this book How true it is that the most important aspects of living a life are not thought by todays world and the current education system This book peovide some foundational tools to break out and unlearn the wrong things and create a platform to allow us to catapult to our visioned future while you become unfuckwithablewith A recommended reading for everyone who wants to learn and grow, which kinda should be everyone. I really appreciate Mind Valley and the many on line courses they offer I was therefore so looking forward to this book Sadly I was VERY disappointed.The book starts by telling you what you re going to learn in each chapter and every section, as in Here s where you ll learn and We ll explore how to which I found quite boring and wanted him to just get on with it I mean, pages and pages of this stuff Kindle version Now let s get started, he writes Thank goodness, at last I thought, but oh no In part one he then starts talking about In chapter 1 you ll learn , in chapter 2 you ll learn Just how much padding does this guy need to fill his book He proceeds with then telling me what I have learnt from each chapter Ahhh I persevere Now I know why there is so much padding There is nothing new in this book whatsoever It s a very superficial understanding of how we put our mental maps together and filter the world through our belief systems any book or course on NLP will explain this so much better, or for that matter any basic understanding of psychology He then continues to talk about gratitude, forgiveness, happiness, and goal setting.There is no originality and it is peppered with self promotion With all the amazing people he s met and the courses he s hosted I am surprised by the complete lack of any depth in this book Sorry Vishen, I really like the on line courses you offer which I hasten to add are of other speakers but the book was a huge disappointment. I have read many many self help development books and this one has got to be the best I literally could not put it down It basically did not tell me anything I did not already know, but the author has framed the information in a very user friendly way Well worth purchasing. Time to start working part time instead of all the time and give a bit of my life to me.This book isn t a story, it is an inspiration and motivation to change.Power to the people, power to us.If we all buy this, it could be a revolution.