Indecisive Confused StuckOften you try to analyze situations you may face in a logical or emotional manner You think through each aspect of the issue and try and determine what intellectually and emotionally seems right for you Sometimes this works However, what if there was a stimulating, deep, thought provoking, exciting, and entertaining way of navigating issues that allowed you to explore a greater range of solutions Step In is a compilation of short stories about common struggles you may deal with, yet rooted in crazy contexts and written from incredibly unique and unexpected perspectives The stories remove all standard connotations to realistically and authentically dive into topics such as love, loss, self development and With boundless creativity and witt Step In will keep you laughing, entertained, and most importantly thinking from beginning to end Push yourself Let your mind adventure through a matrix of thoughts and feelings Break free of standard thought patterns Bold Creative Limitless


  1. May Conroy May Conroy says:

    Ordered this as a present for my best friend s birthday She constantly has a book in hand, and I wanted to buy her a book that would be refreshing She loved Step In. spent time thinking about each story and analyzing her own experiences She got such a kick out of reading it she made me borrow it after Thought it was really entertaining and also had some deep ideas in it the perfect balance Definitely at top of my recommendation list

  2. Review Master Review Master says:

    Each story is funny and incredibly creative More importantly the message and the unique approach to life and to understanding decision making in each story is life altering This book should be on everyone s reading list Buy 1 for yourself and 1 for someone you love.