You ve been thinking about it for a while, and you ve finally bought a Raspberry Pi But what can you use it for Can this little device really run on WindowsAct as a desktop PC As a VPN Yes, it can And can also do a lotTo get you started, we ve collected a whole bunch of Surprising practical Raspberry Piprojects anybody can do with detailed tutorials While these projects are intended for those who use Raspberry Pi , the most of these projects will work on older models as well and will even work on the Raspberry Pi ZeroIn this guide, we have outlined a detailed uses of a Raspberry Piwith detailed tutorialsIn this guide, you will learn How to Run Raspbian for the First Time How to Create a Portable Security Box in Raspberry pi The Installation of Kali on Raspberry Pi Installing Full Windowson Raspberry PiHow to build an Action Camera inside a Vintage Flash Unit with Raspberry Piand Camera Module Virtual Gaming with Raspberry Pi And ManySurprising Projects you can doGet this guide Now