Fire, fire the frantic shout echoed through the streets of a small Welsh village As neighbours desperately organised fire fighting equipment, the Lloyd Jones family slept, unaware that their home was about to go up in smoke Martyn, aged ten, was snug in his bed but his life was in danger What happened to Martyn How did the fire affect him and his family Christopher Catherwood tells you about the amazing life of his grandfather, Martyn Lloyd Jones, who trained as a doctor when he was just sixteen years old Talented and successful, he was destined to become the Queen s Surgeon However, he gave it all up to work for God In this book you will find out why Martyn Lloyd Jones was enthusiastic and on fire for God You will be too by the end of this book

7 thoughts on “Martyn Lloyd-Jones: From Wales to Westminster (Trailblazer Biographies) (Trail Blazers)

  1. Customer Customer says:

    Somehow or other this book passed me by but, having brought to my attention, I purchased and now treasure it I was very familiar with the subject of this biography and with its author Yet there was fresh information here and much wisdom I would recommend it unreservedly.

  2. Mr Nicolas John Morton Mr Nicolas John Morton says:

    Really well written, aimed at younger readers but i enjoyed reading it as an adult Covers some important life issues from a Christian perspective Extra special knowing the close relationship that Christopher had with his grandfather.

  3. Mr. A Young Mr. A Young says:

    This is a biography of the Welsh preacher from the 20th century, Martyn Lloyd Jones, specifically aimed at younger readers It takes us through Lloyd Jones childhood at Llangeitho, to his time as a doctor at the famous St Barts hospital in London It then goes on to explain why he made the momentous decision to leave a glorious career behind, to take up work as a minister in a small Welsh town As the book is written by Lloyd Jones grandson, we get some insights into the preacher as a family man It is interesting, and sometimes surprising to note the tenderness with which Lloyd Jones was able to deal with some of the difficult and controversial matters that arose within his family The picture that we get is that of a loving grand father who was able to show much wisdom and discernment when it came to advising his family Some of these accounts can also be read in Catherwood s book Martyn Lloyd Jones A Family Portrait This book will appeal to mature readers.Catherwood gives a simple outline of the Doctor s life and ministry, which I m sure will be accessible for younger readers It will serve as a useful introduction to this Christian preacher of the twentieth century, of whom there is still much to learn from his ministry today It could be a good for stimulating some discussion within Christian youth groups Hopefully, this book will whet a few appetites to go on with further reading in later years.

  4. Nick Nedry Nick Nedry says:

    great book

  5. Heather Thieneman Heather Thieneman says:

    I have read the 1200 page definitive biography of Dr Martin Lloyd Jones by Iain Murray but really enjoyed this children s version as well and would recommend it to adults who would like a short introduction to this man It is written by his grandson, Christopher Catherwood, who is an author and teacher who divides his time between Cambridge and Richmond, Virginia His grandson had a close relationship with him growing up and the love and respect he has for his grandfather was obvious It was a rare privilege to read a biography by one who was so close to the person and who has the same convictions and the same heart Most of it I knew from the longer biography, but some of it was personal reflections and stories gained firsthand by his grandson It seemed to be written with preteens and young teens in mind The language at times was different than what we use in America and sometimes you had to infer the meaning of a word or phrase, but it was not hard to understand, and I found the English or Welsh colloquialisms added to the authenticity and quaintness of the story.I love the fact that he deals with things that many children s books don t, especially the conversion stories he gives of different people in Dr Lloyd Jones s congregation Some of these were men who had spent decades in sin and reading about the change that Christ brought in their lives was exciting.The best thing about the book, though, is that it points children to the Bible as the only source of truth This was something Dr Lloyd Jones sought to impress on others, to look to the Bible and not to him for answers His grandson obviously caught that lesson and seeks to pass it on to others Too often godly men are put on a pedestal by those who love him, Christopher does a good job of putting God s Word on that pedestal and not his grandfather s word.One thing parents may want to be aware is that Dr Lloyd Jones, as he is described in the book, appears to be rather permissive in his dealings with teenagers Children who are rebelling against their parents may find in this justification for their rebellion They would do well to remember that the message of this book isn t to follow Dr Lloyd Jones because he was always right, but to seek out what the Bible says because it alone is always right I do wish this book had better emphasized that the Bible teaches that children should honor their parents I m sure this is something Dr Lloyd Jones believed, but it wasn t obvious in the book This almost cost it a star, but the important thing is that it lifts the Bible up above even the doctrine and practices of good men.

  6. David J. Bissett David J. Bissett says:

    With the opening line, Fire Fire this biography of Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones begins introducing a youth audience to the famous preacher Written by Lloyd Jones oldest grandson, Christopher Catherwood, in a simple, homespun story fashion, it contains lots of wonderful, personal anecdotes and some eye witness accounts not found in the substantial biographies of the Doctor done by others It follows young Martyn from his family and school days in Wales, through his education and work experiences in London, marking the major turning points of his conversion, his marriage and his call to preach the gospel.The language is clearly aimed at younger readers, and the length of the chapters is just right Although the overall writing style or perhaps the editing is sometimes rough or repetitive, the story line and pace definitely engage the reader making it hard to put down You cannot help but sense the warm, personal touch of a grandson writing about his beloved Dacu throughout the book.The book clearly shares the hand of the Lord in the life of Martyn Lloyd Jones, and makes the need for all boys and girls to likewise come to know Jesus Christ as savior and Lord There are several passages which not only describe Martyn s spiritual life, but which directly address the reader about their spiritual needs.My review is based on the newly released e reader edition which I read on my Kindle NB this was provided free in exchange for posting a book review online I had first read this little book when I gave a printed copy to my own children years ago Perhaps the formatting made me a bit critical in this second read through I love books and reading them in print, but have come to enjoy using my Kindle for reading history, biographies and the like With many young readers gravitating to e reading, the availability of this book, and the whole series, to these formats is most welcome news Additional material is included at the end of the book about the writings of Lloyd Jones, as well as some brief subject driven comments under the title Thinking Further Topics.Christian Focus Publications publishes books for adults and children under its four main imprints Christian Focus, Christian Heritage, CF4K and Mentor Their books clearly reflect that God s word is reliable and Jesus is the way to know him, and live for ever with him Their TRAILBLAZER SERIES, also includes books on Gladys Aylward, Corrie ten Boom, Bill Bright, Adoniram Judson, Amy Carmichael, Jonathan Edwards, Billy Graham, Isobel Kuhn, C.S Lewis, and George M ller.Their web page is The Kindle edition is available from .This review also appears on my blog,

  7. Joanna Moore Joanna Moore says:

    This is a FABULOUS introduction for teenagers to one of the best loved Christian leaders of the 20th Century It makes the Doctor into a fully rounded human being The author is his eldest grandchild, and for fans of Dr Lloyd Jones it is great to see that he was as wonderful a grandfather as he was a world famous preacher and writer Buy this book yourself and then buy a copy for your youth pastor and, why not all the teenagers in your family as well Everyone of all ages can profit by reading this brilliant book.