There aren t many books that can claim to change your life, but this one will Clare Balding A force for good, for change This book will make you change the way you think Mary is my hero Scarlett Curtis, author of Feminists Don t Wear PinkAre you ready to be your best self at work Packed with advice, tips and decades of business experience from Mary Portas, this is a book for every one of us whatever level you are, wherever you workIt s about calling time on alpha culture and helping every one of us to be happier, productive and collaborativeIt s time to WorkLikeAWoman

10 thoughts on “Work Like a Woman: A Manifesto For Change

  1. Lucy McCarraher Lucy McCarraher says:

    This book has made me absolutely mad again Thank you, Mary Portas It s too easy to live with a low level irritation about the position of women in all our working roles, and very necessary to stay fired up if anything is going to change Mary writes and reads I alternately read and listened to the audio with style, humour and passion about what should enrage everyone, offend no one and make everyone want to do their bit for equality Being authentic and vulnerable about her own journey, interspersed with shocking facts and figures, and other women s and men s personal stories, makes Work Like A Woman a compulsive read, an example of a female style of power, and a manifesto to get behind.

  2. SaraJane SaraJane says:

    I m only half way through this book, but already if feels like a mirror reflecting my career experiences in the 80s show no emotions for fear of being accused of being hysterical And my all time favourite, intended to be a complement from the President of a Dutch company I was working for Your like a bloke in a skirt Now the discrimination is subtle we still have so much work to do before we can all Work Like a Woman Fantastic leadership M Portas, thank you

  3. T. C. Hole T. C. Hole says:

    Mary Portas doesn t claim to have all the answers, but she proves once again that she knows how to ask the right questions and is prepared to go after answers herself The title Work Like A Woman will likely put off a lot of men and maybe some women from reading, but it shouldn t in the slightest leadership isn t about box ticking it s about navigating the existing landscape whilst simultaneously carving new pathways This book catches us at a transformational crossroads where our organisations need to be rebalanced and aligned to optimise everybody, not just men Mary honestly recounts some major learning points of her career in parallel with changes in gender parity In 2019 we are in a sticky zone where some of the last breakwaters of the old ways are proving tough to carve through Mary locates them and details some of the ways she has found with her teams to create new process and culture Mary doesn t claim that they re easy wins, but that the process is worth it Work Like A Woman is a fast and generous read and one every reader should be excited to pick up nobody is held at the end of a bayonet here except those who used to hold it themselves it is a manifesto to encourage others to get on board Loved it.

  4. Green544 Green544 says:

    Mary s manifesto for change is not against men but instead is pro equality In this day an age, women have stepped up to take their place next to men, yet there is still much to do Small minds and attitudes from both sexes need to change The workplace system simply cannot remain as it was decades ago when it was mostly made up of men It is not women who should adapt to the status quo, but the status quo and the culture around it that need to change and evolve to enable men and women to bring their best self to work.Mary Portas doesn t just make some noise to share her opinion in this book but shares some really good examples of what is working and what can be done.

  5. Lindsey Bradney Lindsey Bradney says:

    I wanted to love this book as Mary is such an inspirational women Some chapters were well written, however, I found the topics difficult to engage with and unfortunately stopped reading half way through as it was becoming a bit of a choir rather an a enjoyment to read I am aiming to pick this up again this year and hopefully will enjoy it during my second attempt Book arrived quickly and in a great condition.

  6. Rob Rob says:

    My wife typed this one out, i shall give it a read based on her recommendation I am a fan of Mary Portas from TV and had read her memoir but this was recommended to me by a work colleague A very matter of fact and honest account of the issues, challenges and brick wall hierarchy we all face on a day to day basis this also provides the blueprint to empower change in ourselves and those around us.Thoroughly enjoyable, full of light bulb moments and an excellent read.Highly recommend, my copy is now making its way around the office.Five Stars.

  7. Cat Masters Cat Masters says:

    Mary s advice is women shouldn t try to match the stale and inflexible alpha male stereotypes when trying to succeed professionally Times are changing and those who walk the corridors of power can be enhanced by the female characteristics she singles out in this book It s a recipe for better leadership and a cohesive, satisfying working life that sits with the demands of modern life So while this book aims to give women the confidence to fly, Mary is the first to point out she could easily have called her book Work like a Human.

  8. Julie Ward Julie Ward says:

    Absolutely love this book Mary Portas is a trusted source and she talks perfect sense This is not a man bashing book but it does talk about the state of corporate patriarchy, still, in this day and age 50% of the workforce are women but they have not shattered that glass ceiling in those numbers It is fascinating to read Mary s experience of retail Would hugely recommend.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    An inspiring book, for those planning or already juggling work and family, and for all women in general.

  10. kat kat says:

    Mary is a very talented woman She didn t get to be so successful by not being incredibly smart and very perceptive A very inspiring read for women When women behave like females hopefully, asary says, we will work in environments that work in favour of our needs,