Fast Track to MDX for SQL ServerSecond Edition Mark Whitehorn, Robert Zare and Mosha Pasumansky OLAP On Line Analytical Processing is the most powerful Business Intelligence tool currently available and Microsoft s Analysis Manager makes OLAP cubes incredibly easy to build and deploy However the real power of OLAP lies in its ability to help you solve real life business problems to release that power you need to use the language that controls the cubes and allows them to be queried That language is MDX Multi Dimensional eXpressions Fast Track to MDX gives you all the necessary background to let you write useful, powerful MDX expressions and introduces the most frequently used MDX functions and constructs No prior knowledge is assumed and examples are used throughout the book to rapidly develop your MDX skills to the point where you can solve real business problems Mark Whitehorn, co author of the best selling Inside Relational Databases, is renowned for his knowledge of database systems and the lucidity of his writing Robert Zare is a Program Manager for Analysis Services at Microsoft his inspiring talks on MDX sowed the seeds from which this book grew Mosha Pasumansky was one of the authors of the OLEDB for OLAP specification that defined the MDX language and later he was the developer in charge of the first implementation of MDX in the Microsoft OLAP Servicesproduct He is currently the development lead of the Analysis Services engine team Second Edition It was the clarity, precision and sheer readability of the first edition that made it a best seller With that firmly in mind the authors have left the originalchapters intact apart from minor updates meaning that the second edition remains the best introduction to MDX for SQL Serverthat is available What they have done is to add three brand new chapters These introduce the topic of recursion in MDX, walk the reader