While there is a heap of information and opinions out there relating to MS Project, there are few sources of knowledge at the depth we need to use the tool properly An incredibly flexible tool, MS Project caters to the novice right through to the advanced user As people s level of skill and scheduling maturity grows, so too does their needs and expectations of the tool Paul has brought us an excellent reference, building on hisyears experience using this and other scheduling tools With changes made in MS Project and the popularity and function of MS Project Server growing, the need to schedule, update and report consistently becomes so muchimportant This book is a guide it is a reference and so muchMartin Vaughan, Director, Core Consulting Group, Melbourne, AUThe professional project controls people that are in the know have long been using Paul s manuals to help decipher the deceptively tricky options that the various vendors of project scheduling software produce Once again Paul helps us to navigate through the sometimes complex settings within Microsoft s ubiquitous project scheduling tool by explaining in simple terms how each option works, often along with recommended options and settings that have been developed after years of using the tool in real world projects Paul provides a simplified approach to the use of the tool that takes much of the mystique out and allows the user to produce a realistic schedule in a short timeframe that can provide real management information rather than just providing a pretty picture Those of you that think that using MS Projectis an easy job that requires no additional training may quickly change their minds after reading through Paul s book, and discovering that there are quite a few features that sometimes make the tool produce results that just don t seem to make sense Paul is a project controls specialist first and an author second, this approach carries through in all his book s and also in his approach to planning and scheduling If you are interested in using MS Projectto develop a realistic project schedule that is aligned to the project scope that provides an accurate and realistic depiction of the project timeline that is also able to be updated correctly then this is the book for you Michael Jack PMP, Independent Project Controls Consultant ,Managing Director, Nietzsche Pty LtdMicrosoft Projectis another significant update to previous versions of Microsoft Project Whether you are new to Microsoft Project or want to understand the changes that have been included in Microsoft Project , this book is for you In this book, Paul provides hints and tips to understand how to make the best use of the new capabilities of the software and then give you confidence to apply them to your own project If you are new to Microsoft Project , Paul takes you through the correct steps to setup your project and then plan and track the plan using a best practice approach Paul has also structured the materials for individual learning or as the basis for a classroom style workshop Microsoft Project is a very powerful project management tool By following this book, you will gain confidence and the knowledge to use Microsoft Projecteffectively Bruce McNaughton, Business Process and Change Architect, Customer Driven Solutions Limited, Oxfordshire, UKThis book is designed for users of earlier versions to upgrade their skills and for new planners to learn the software It starts with the basics required to create a schedule, through resource planning and on to theadvanced features Microsoft Projectis a minor update of Microsoft Projectand therefore this book covers both versions This book is aimed at showing project management professionals how to use the software in a project environment This book is an update of the author s last book Planning and Scheduling using Microsoft ProjectIt has revised workshops and incudes the new functions of Microsoft ProjectThis publication was written so it may be used as A training manual, or A self teach book, or A user guide The book stays focused on the information required to create and update a schedule with or without resources using Microsoft Projectandby Concentrating on the core functions required to plan and control a project Keeping the information relevant to each topic in the appropriate chapter Providing a quick reference at the start of each chapter listing the chapter topics Providing a comprehensive index of all topics The book is aimed at Project managers and schedulers who wish learn the software, however are unable to attend a training course, or require a reference book Project management companies in industries such as building, construction, oil gas, software development, government and defence who wish to run their own software training courses or provide their employees a good practical guide to using the software Training organizations who require a training manual to run their own courses About the Author Paul Harris holds an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering obtained in the UK and is a Certified Cost Engineer through AACE International, a certified PRINCETM practitioner He has worked in the project controls industry for a number of years and has assisted many companies in a range of industries to set up and run project controls systems His Melbourne, Australia based company, Eastwood Harris Pty Ltd, offers project controls consulting and training services with a strong focus on Microsoft and Primavera software