Excellent seller and superb product. Defiantly not worth the Money Yet another title in the excellent Prestel series Adventures in Art Buy the all for your children, grandchildren or for yourself An overall great book with colorful illustrations to boot, I would recommend it for the art enthusiast or for those interested in Dali This coloring book wasn t what I expected or wanted I thought it was going to be a coloring book where one would color the paintings in It wasn t I m definitely not satisfied with it. This book presents the strange, humorous and wildly inventive paintings of Salvador Dali The author helps children unlock the mysteries of Dali s artwork by explaining his use of detail, colour and illusion Each double page spread in this book explores a single work to illustrate the ideas and influences that shaped Dali s work The author introduces themes such as dream imagery, landscape painting, portraiture and satire Throughout the book, the artist s sense of playfulness and mystery shine through, revealing to children the wondrous qualities of art