A great book giving some background information on Jane Goodall s life and how she came to study chimps Appealing for ages 8 12 mostly, but older children and adults would still find it an interesting easy read. It wasn t until I started reading this book that I realised that it had with written with children as it s target audience, I don t recall seeing anything to that effect in the synopsis although I could be wrong This didn t stop me reading it though It gave a very good insight into the early life of Jayne Goodall and her reasons for chosing the career path that she did It was a very interesting read. It is a very good book, clearly written from the heart.Judging by the language however, the book is clearly aimed at young adults and this should be mentioned somewhere. I love this book From the time Jane Goodall was a girl, she dreamed of a life spent working with animals Her earliest fascination with animals inspired her to hide in a henhouse so that she could watch hens lay their eggs After years of study, at , Jane Goodall made her first voyage to Africa and began her determined steps, one after another, to achieve her goal of studying animals by living among them On her expeditions she braved the dangers of the jungle and survived encounters with leopards and lions in the African bush Her detailed observations of many kinds of animals, but especially generations of chimpanzee families, reveal a world few human beings ever come to know Her story covers the proud achievements of a lifetime, including raising her son in the Africa she loves In My Life with the Chimpanzees, Jane Goodall shares the remarkable journey which took her from her childhood in London and Bournemouth, England, to the realization of her dream in the wilds of Gombe, Tanzania