In third grade, Barack Obama wrote an essay entitled, I Want to Become President and he is, to this day, determined to show the world that, yes, he can Born in the USA, the son of an African father and an American mother, a boy who spent his childhood in Indonesia and Hawaii, Barack Obama is truly a citizen of the world His campaign for the presidency is powered by a fierce optimism, an exuberant sense of purpose and determination, and, above all, a belief that change can happen Garen Thomas takes us through the life of Barack Obama, from his struggle to fit in with his classmates and concern about not knowing his biological father, through his term as Illinois senator, to his historic and momentum building run for president of the United States Barack Obama is a man who uses his words to inspire us We can have a better future We can be whatever we want to be Yes We Can Great customer service from , however, I was disappointed with the contents of the book as I found it to be largely a reproduction of Obama s Dreams of my father The book is very basic barely offers anything new The only positive aspect of the book was toward the end which discusses, again in a very basic vague manner, the campaign for presidency If like me you are lookin for anything on Obama thats different, offers in depth analysis and is informative, than you will not find it in this book. Super easy to read and interesting Excellent background information on the former president.