I ve been reading this to a 91 year old, and she is is awe and so am I , of the courage and tenacity of this missionary couple, and their love for the Lisu tribe in China All potential missionaries should read this This is the story of a completely dedicated young Christian missionary to the rural Chinese around the time of WWII. Amazing missionary I ve read several of her books They all challenge me to live closer to God You will be encouraged by her life. This is an overview of the life of Isobel Kuhn, which would otherwise only be understood from reading many different books by Isobel herself Her life is always an inspiration. I have read ALOT of books by Isobel Kuhn I always learn from her And this book was no exception. This is a wonderful Christian mission book I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in other peopleand missionary biographies Nothing Daunted The Story of Isobel Kuhn by Gloria Repp is a biography of Isobel Kuhn, a pioneer Christian missionary to China This biography for teens begins in British Columbia where young Isobel Miller is struggling to find either satisfaction in life or a way out of life Eventually her search led her to a personal and soul satisfying faith in Jesus Christ After Isobel married, she and her husband, John, traveled deep into the southern mountains of China to the Lisu tribe The Kuhns loved the Lisu people, and when war threatened, they had to trust God for the safety of the Lisu tribe and the preservation of their ministry Order handled promptly and accurately Accurately described Very pleased with purchase.Thank you Excellent. I heard about the book on NPR but the story line was not exactly the same as discussed on the show I read it anyway and the heavy Christian bible belting in it was a turn off Missionaries trying to turn people into Christians who have for centuries followed religious practices that fit their culture and lifestyle just doesn t sit right A couple so religious that they sent their only young child away to school in favor of working as a missionary was irritating I m a family first person and they failed in my book to take care of the child before their calling.