What is the rationale upon which a software deployment is built How does a software packaging engineer qualify a decision to use one method or another for each new task When should you repackage using a snapshot process, versus making a transform file, versus writing a script Should you bundle your application into a base operating system image library, or install it on layerorusing a task sequence Or should you deploy it later How do you quantify the advantages of automation What are your options for packaging, testing, and deploying software What kinds of testing do I need to worry about What about Group Policy What about scripting In this book I will explore all of these questions andI will also dive into some of thecommon tools and techniques used to prepare software for mass distribution in an enterprise environment But what if you only support a dozen computers No worries, we will explore that end of the range as well Scripting, packaging, transforms, updates, upgrades, removals, group policy, MDT and WAIK, Configuration Manager and OSD images and task sequences, and muchThis is the life of a software deployment engineer Let s see if it s something you d like to pursue