Two books for the price of one this book follows in the footsteps of the immensely successful dual biography Blood Rivals This will be the only book to include the biographies of both of The Vampire Diaries stars Ian Somerhalder plays Damon Salvatore, the elder and far dangerous of two vampire brothers who share a long and bitter history, in the hit drama The Vampire Diaries He has been nominated for aTeen Choice Award for Choice TV Villain for his portrayal Somerhalder is well known for his role as Boone on JJ Abrams critically acclaimed drama Lost, for which he won theSAG Award as part of Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series Somerhalder has starred in Lost City Raiders opposite James Brolin and the mini series Marco Polo in which he played the title character opposite Brian Dennehy and BD Wong Other film credits include The Wake, Sensation of Sight, The Rules of Attraction, Life as a House, and In Enemy Hands Paul Wesley stars as Stefan Salvatore, a vampire struggling to live at peace with human beings Wesley s last role was as Jake Tanner, a young director, in Killer Movie, which premiered at theTribeca Film Festival Other film credits include Peaceful Warrior, opposite Nick Nolte, and the cult favorite Roll Bounce In , Wesley starred in Fallen, a four part mini series based on the hit books by Tom Sniegoski Wesley has also starred in hit television shows such as , American Dreams andSimple Rules Born and raised in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Wesley currently lives in Atlanta

15 thoughts on “Blood Brothers: The Biographies of The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley and Ian Sommerhalder

  1. F. Smith F. Smith says:

    Quite a small book and read it in 2 nights but i loved it I knew a bit about Ian being a huge Lost fan before getting TVD but nothing about Paul and never even heard of him or seen him in anything that i remember so i really enjoyed finding out about him and how he became an actor I was unexpectedly surprised that it also contained a small bit about the other actors too like Steven, Zack, Candice, Kat and of course Nina I didn t know that Steven was the grandson of Steve McQueen so that was a shock.I really enjoyed reading about how Kevin Williamson made decisions about the show and who to cast all in all very interesting read.

  2. VP81 VP81 says:

    Being a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries this is a fantastic fascinating read which is a must for all fans as its interesting to meet and read about the experences of the stars of the show not only about the Vampire Diaries series but also other shows the cast have been in and what they acheive in there personal lives Congratulations to the author A must read.

  3. preeti preeti says:

    Good read, great pic s too

  4. A T.1 A T.1 says:

    I was a little disappointed with this one but still enjoyed the book.I would have liked to read a little about there lives before the show as they were growing up.

  5. J. Haynes J. Haynes says:

    Quite good Half of the book is devoted to details of Ian Somerhalder and the other half to Paul Wesley their backgrounds, previous roles and the route to joining the cast of TVD Good but not great.

  6. Winter Winter says:

    not bad for a e book certainly info than others

  7. Victoria scott Victoria scott says:

    Great read

  8. Mrs KS Clement Mrs KS Clement says:

    After getting hooked on the series I downloaded this book loved it , i didn t know much about the two actors, it was interesting to read about their lives and also lots of background information about the series and he other actors too.

  9. Conny Conny says:

    Als gro er Ian Somerhalder Fan meinte ich, dieses Buch haben zu m ssen Jetzt tut s mir echt leid um mein Geld.Schon auf Seite zwei hat sich der erste Fehler eingeschlichen, als Ian als mittleres Kind der Somerhalder Geschwister bezeichnet wird Robyn wird sich sicher bedanken, dass sie j nger gemacht wird, aber leider ist sie die ltere Weiter gehts mit nichts als der Wiedergabe von Interviews, die der durchschnittliche Ian Fan bereits 100 fach im Internet zu sich genommen hat Also absolut nichts Neues Und l uft einem mal ein neues Detail ber den Weg, berlegt man nach der Falschinformation auf Seite zwei sofort, ob das berhaupt ein neues Detail ist, oder einfach nur falsch Den halben Ian Teil ber lese ich jetzt schon nicht mehr ber Ian sondern vielmehr ber TVD Womit rechtfertigt man hier die Bezeichnung Biografie Liebe Autorin, daf r gibt es TVD B cher und nachdem ich schon ein solches gelesen habe, finde ich selbst hier keine Neuigkeiten mehr Schade oder eher clever , dass man mit dem Abschreiben und Zitieren aus dem Internet in Verbindung mit dummen Fans siehe myself Geld verdienen kann.Ich freue mich schon auf den Paul Wesley Teil, da f llt mir wenigstens nicht auf, was richtig oder falsch ist

  10. montreal montreal says:

    this is wonderful book on vampire diariesian somerhaldher and paul Wesley if you like these two will love this book a must have for any fan.

  11. Laura Laura says:

    Need to buy if your a true VD fan


    Pour ceux qui sont fans de Vampire Diairies et des 2 frres Salvatore, ceux livres est intressant.Ne regrettes pas mon achat

  13. AlaskaAndy AlaskaAndy says:

    There was plenty of good information on the Vampire Diaries actors actresses, but the author s grammar often left much to be desired As an American English teacher I found the excessive use of exclamation points so annoying All those sentences couldn tbe that exciting Maybe it s because they re not American I ve noticed other UK Friends authors doing the same at times.Also the organization of thoughts was a bit scattered I still enjoyed the book since I enjoy the tv book series.

  14. Lynda Newman Lynda Newman says:

    My daughters pre teen and teen love this series, and I actually enjoy watching it with them, though sometimes I have to have my preteen leave the room They went all goofey over this Both have crushes on Damon I have to admit myself, I enjoyed looking at the pictures in this book They both liked this book alot

  15. Lyn B Lyn B says:

    My teenage daughter screamed out in joy when she received this book on Christmas morning She loves the Vampire Diaries and could not believe she had received a book on both Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley The book has fantastic information and photos of both actors Plus, it is one side for each actor Pretty impressive to a 14 year old It is a great buy for the money and makes an excellent gift for a Vampire Diaries fan