Banished from his Sunday School at All Souls, Langham Place, for hiding a dagger in his sock, John Stott was a little boy who was not expected to join the ministry Far from it His father had other hopes and ambitions for his first born son So John received the best education that money could buy He went to the best schools and the best university John s family wanted him to be a success and a credit to the Stott nameAnd he was John was bright, energetic and dedicated However, something happened that changed the direction of his life Family ambitions took second place to serving the Lord Jesus Christ and working for God s glory So bizarrely the little boy who had been banished from All Souls Sunday School eventually became its curate and then its rector He even became Chaplain to the QueenWhat was it that brought the naughty little Sunday School student full circle How did he get into Time Magazine as one of the th century s most influential people Why is Uncle John listened to by many, read by thousands and recognised across the world as a pastor, friend and leader His life, faith and the Word of God hold many of the answers This book will introduce you to all three

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    This book puts me to shame in the fact that John Stott was so dedicated in his way of life not only to people but firstly to God and this book truly shows us the way to lead our lives in this fallen world not only to shine as a light in a dark place but to have so much enthusiasm and dedication to what is in hand at any one time praise God for an incredible life

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    Anything written by John Stott is worth a read and if it is about him is also a good read

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    Fast delivery Happy with purchase.

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    John Stott was both radical and gentle, as this new biography by Julia Cameron lovingly reveals By the end of the book, you will want to call this great man of God Uncle John as his real life friends did.I enjoyed the way the book was set out, each chapter being followed by fact files which either explain further something that was mentioned in the preceeding chapter Rugby school where John Stott was educated for example or give sound advice, relevant to what has just been read At the very end of the book, there is a John Stott timeline, questions to think about and discuss, and ideas of activities relevant to John Stott s life These are excellent ways of encouraging children to engage on a deeper level with what they have read in the book.John Stott learned as a child that when bad things happen, God can turn them into good For him, this resulted in a life long passion for bird watching, and he enjoyed studying birds all over the world as part of God s majestic creation Later in life, he wrote The Birds our Teachers which contains the theological lessons he learned from the birds.His other major priorities were students and pastors He invested much time and effort into these two groups John Stott recognised that students are the people who tend to shape future thinking and he saw the worth of investing time in them, encouraging them in thinking through and valuing biblical principles He knew that pastors would, in their turn, influence others and it was important for them too, to have a godly example before them In addition to discipling others, John Stott spent much time preaching and writing His writing hideway was a rambling country house on the coast called The Hookses which he lovingly renovated in his younger days with the help of friends.John Stott was a young man during the Second World War and grieved his parents by becoming a conscientious objector His parents put great pressure on him to rethink his decision, and his father even resolved not to pay the fees for him to remain at the University of Cambridge after his first year Instead of rebelling aginst or turning his back on them, he continued to lovingly honour them in every way apart from going to war He prayed hard throughout this time and God graciously answered His prayers.God was the undisputed passion of his life, as demonstrated by his habit of going to bed early so that he could get up early to spend uninterrupted time with his Bible and in prayer This resulted in an overflow of love to those around him John Stott had a big heart for the poor, even sleeping rough for a few nights disguised as a down and out so that he could empathise as much as possible with them He practiced hospitality continuously John Stott wanted everyone to feel welcome in his church All Souls, Langham Place and radically did away with the rented pews so that no one need feel awkward by accidentally sitting in someone else s seat He interacted with the rich, the poor, the uneducated and the intelligent alike, valuing each individual as someone Christ loved and died for.In 1959, John Stott received an unexpected honour of becoming Extra Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth the Second He held this position, offered to very few, for the rest of his life.I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this humble leader, who was incredibly intelligent and godly, yet gracious, loving and thoughtful This was a man with an attractive character, which comes through the pages of the book strongly.The Humble Leader is part of the Christian Focus Trailblazers series This is a superb book and I highly recommend it

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    I like my Christian books to be short, engaging and easy to read This is why I love the Trail Blazers series.They are biographies of Christians written to appeal to younger readers Even though they are from Christian Focus youth section I can t get enough of them.I should already know all about John Stott, but it s only after his death that I am beginning to find out about him.This book is a bit like reading the York notes of a novel It gives you a brilliant overview of John Stott s life and ministry and really enables you to get to know what made him tick and what motivated his effort and energy.In this book so much is covered in a short space without the reader feeling short changed.Things I liked I loved getting to know about Stott as a boy and his background I had no idea he was so posh I also didn t realise he had such capability in so many areas he could have gone on to all sorts of lucrative and impressive careers.I really like the short fact files between the chapters which give you information about things you may not know much about like Rugby School or what it meant for Stott to be chaplain to the Queen This was lovely for me as a rather clueless grown up, but makes it super accessible for a young person to read.I love the questions and ideas for things to do now that you ve read the book I m challenged by the question, If a large house on 6 floors came with your job what would you do with it , and I m keen to try the suggestion of listening to Stott preach by going to the All Souls website.ButBecause the book is little there isn t space for pictures apart from some helpful maps In reality this doesn t matter too much, because things are well described but if you have a young reader who loves illustrations or photos they may be slightly disappointed.Who should read it This is great for younger readers it s interesting and readable I would give this to boys or girls and especially those that would be inspired by Stott s drive and conscientiousness It would also be good to read to your children.I would suggest this for Christians who don t like reading or who struggle to get through Christian books It s a real confidence boost to read the whole of something good and thought provoking which doesn t take months and a dictionary to get through.I would also recommend this for tired Christians I loved having something speedy to read that was encouraging without being too taxing.I really enjoyed this book and was impressed by the fruitfulness of Stott s disciplined life and the compassion and generosity he showed to those in need I ve finished it feeling thankful to God for a remarkable man and prayerfully wondering what my legacy will be.DISCLAIMER I received a free copy of this book to review The opinions and recommendations are mine and entirely genuine.

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    This book it is very good biography of the John We have very much to learn with Stott Worth to buy

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    Stott was a wonderful man and I heard him preach at All Souls as well as have read a lot of his books Despite his great scholarship I still find his books rather dry although easy to read This biog brings a lot out I never knew about him which was uplifting, he was a real saint The biog is rather simply written and from that view I found it disappointing, the subject deserves a extensive and deeper treatment I am afraid I found it a little trite at times and superficial.

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    Forty years ago I was exposed to Stott and loved him and his work then I thought the world a poorer place when I heard he died The book is in my opinion fair and rather thorough I learned a lot I did not know about his life, his call, his reason for staying single, and much I am the Christian equivalent of an Orthodox Jew and so was Stott I profoundly appreciated his articulation of my theological foundations Therefore, the book was for me a delight.

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    This was a wonderful overview of the life and ministry of great man of God I highly recommend the book for those who want a shorter but authentic and inspiring biography of John Stott.

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    Excellent read on the life if one of Christianity s heroes, John Stott It gives a glimpse into what made this man a spiritual giant.

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    Interesting to see the other side of him, especially when the author starts from his childhood Inspiring to read his vision and perseverance.

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    It is a good book.I like Jhon Stotts faith in God, and how close he was to God I love reading about this kind of people Recommend to read this book.