The best outdoors book i have ever read, a real classic, fueling the mind and urging the body to leave the hectic, busy world and to return to mother nature Survival in the wilderness Gary Paulsen writes about it so powerfully in his novels Hatchet, The River, Brian s Winter, Brian s Return, and Brian s Hunt because he s lived it These essays recount his adventures alone and with friends, taking listeners through the seasons In Paulsen s north country, every expedition is a major one, and often hilarious Once again Gary Paulsen demonstrates why he is one of America s most beloved writers, for he shows us fishing and hunting as pleasure, as art, as companionship, and as source of life s deepest lessons One of my favorite books I remember reading it when I was a fourth grader back in the nineties and I would compare it to my own lifestyle of growing up in the Upper Midwest Remembered the book recently and bought it for my kindle to take with me to the treestand Think I read it in after one or two hunts Now it reminds me of my childhood and the feelings I would get in the outdoors Simply awesome book even though it is an easier read meant for young adults Still you can tell Paulsen put his heart into it Wish there were authors who wrote with that kind of passion about the outdoors. Another great Gary Paulsen book My 13 year old son cannot get enough of them Always a classic. As always Paulson is a favorite and I have read all over twice and I am83 Hurrah I was disappointed in the condition of the book When I purchased the book the seller rated it as A good conditon but it had a tears in the cover The story is GREAT and the person I gave it to was very excited that I had found it but I was very disappointed in the condition of the book itself. Very good book it shows how the kids back then lived and how they managed to do what they loved while they supported their family Yes very good book I read small parts as i Deer hunt from my Deer Tree Stand My 3 Sons try to get it from time to time.will pass it on when done