One day, not so very many years ago, a small peasant boy was chosen to study ballet at the Beijing Dance Academy His mother urged him to take this chance of a lifetime But Li was only eleven years old and he was scared and lonely, pushed away from all that he had ever known and loved He hated the strict training routines and the strange place he had been brought to All he wanted to do was go home to his mother, father, and six brothers, to his own small village But soon Li realised that his mother was right He had the chance to do something special with his life and he never turned back

8 thoughts on “Mao's Last Dancer: Young Readers' Edition (Audio Download): Li Cunxin, Paul English, Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Joe Edge T Joe Edge T says:

    This book is a wonderful read Cunxin has so much determination, and inner strength that it is quite humbling The description of life in rural China in the 60s and 70s makes a memorable impression The rural poor, which was nearly everyone, lived a very small notch above starvation Their lives were dominated by hard, hard work with very little light relief Cunxin remains modest although his achievements are amazing There was a very strong family bond which persists throughout although he could only see his people once a year, for Chinese New Year.I cannot recommend this strongly enough.

  2. K Sheard K Sheard says:

    A great insight into China and how families were effected after the cultural revolution.It contains a lot of historical information in an interesting way.It is an emotional book, that takes you on a journey with the author.Really enjoyed this book and I couldn t put it down I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good read.

  3. Jo Willis Jo Willis says:

    For anyone with a love of dance and an interest in social history this is a must read It tells of the harsh conditions endured by millions in China during Mao s revolution, and of the determination to succeed of a young peasant boy and his eventual defection and success.

  4. Mag Dane Mag Dane says:

    I bought it as a gift I read it years ago when it was first published Inspirational true story, though I realise that it will mostly be of interest to balletomanes.

  5. Cheeky Chops Cheeky Chops says:

    A beautifully honest and simply written account of a lucky yong boy, who succeeded beyond expectation due to his own, as well as imposed determination Historically relevant, this ought to be on the school curriculum One glaring omission, was the lack of mention of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre I think I know why he left that out Read the book and decide for yourself This is one that really should be made into a carefully treated movie a fringe movie perhaps Certainly nothing main stream style than the direction of Scumdog.

  6. C Nicholson C Nicholson says:

    This book gave such an incredible insight to China under Mao and how it crushed the country this story is just about one who made it to the west, but keeping his love for China alive and bringing fame to ballet in China

  7. Customer Customer says:

    A very moving autobiography, one of the best I have ever read An emotional journey with the author all the way through Couldn t put it down.

  8. Grandma Grandma says:

    A lovely book Have lent to many friends and they have all enjoyed it Unwitting evidence of the Cultural Revolution.