I downloaded this onto my phone for my daughter to read as she is a mad one direction fan She read this in five minutes and enjoyed every page. If you love Harry styles this book is perfect Tells you everything you want to know 20 pages although a bit short I never knew that Harry was Harry nugget styles so cool I love one direction songs and the videos so thank you Jessica Stewart so much I LOVE ONE DIRECTION I LOVE HARRY STYLES This book is greatI love Harry StylesIf u do too, you will adore this bookIve read it hundreds of times Think you know Harry well you might not know everything soread this and you ll know even than ever Really interesting found out lots of things you would never know Lol I am considering weather or not I should buy the Taylor swift 1 lol I don t mean hilarious because Harry is so entertaining in the stuff he does There were a few true things in here but mostly not No I don t know Harry but I do know that Nick Grimshaw was not the stripper at Harry s 19th birthday party That would have been amazing but NO This book was released on Feb 9 and it says Harry and Taylor broke up in January but are back together NO I think if you have read or watched any news you will realize that Harry and Taylor didn t break up because they were never together Anyway not the point It also says he learned how to treat women because has sisterS, he has A sister IF Harry speaks fluent French, he lies about it constantly and why would he If you are trying to learn new stuff about Harry, tryOne Direction Dare to Dream Life as One Direction It seems to have the most truth in it, based on what the guys actually say in live interviews Some of the things in this book are true about other members of the band, just not Harry It will take less than 5 minutes to read but it is funny I m not sure if I would recommend it or not, definitely not if you are a new fan The part about Nick is in the preview, if you click on Look Inside There are no additional pictures besides the first two that you can already see in the preview The book could have been typed on Notepad and submitted to be honest. My daughter loves One Direction, and especially Harry Styles I let her get this ebook when I got a Kindle She enjoyed reading it Some facts she already knew, but she said there were many she had not heard before She enjoyed it. DiscoverAmazing facts and secrets about British superstar Harry Styles Do you know everything there is to know about Harry Styles InFacts You Need to Know about Harry, author and Directioner Jessica Stewart brings youfantastic facts about your favorite hearthrob, including What his family thinks of himWhat he looks for in a girlWhat his life was like before the fameHis weird hobbies and habitsWhat drives him crazyFunny StoriesAnd MUCH MORE Find out if you re a true Directioner Omg I had know idea that Harry has so much facts it s so amazing how many sweet one were in there but there were funny ones and one I already knew about But in General it s awesome I LOVE YOU HARRY I also can t believe that he said he has thousands of girlfriends and wives and Love them all So that shows he is everyone s.