In DetailAs any systems administrator will tell you, managing one server can be challenging, let alone a dozen or With Chef, you can make managing dozens or even hundreds of servers manageable and learn how to configure and deploy new serversInstant Chef Starter is a hands on guide to managing your infrastructure You will learn the benefits of using Chef as well as how to install, configure, and use the set of tools provided The book will also cover developing recipes for use with Chef to install software and maintain configurations so managing dozens of servers is no difficult than managing one Learn how Chef fits into your infrastructure, install the software, build your own recipes, and provision servers with easeThis book covers installing your own Chef server to manage your infrastructure and software configurations Discover where you can find existing templates for managing software packages and operating systems and then learn to write your own After you have done that, learn how to apply operations, execute scripts, and manage configurations across an entire network with only one commandApproachGet to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasksThis is a practical Starter guide which helps you gain the skills needed to learn ChefWho this book is forThis book is aimed at developers and system administrators who are looking for ways to better manage complex infrastructures in a consistent fashion No previous experience with Chef is assumed

13 thoughts on “Instant Chef Starter

  1. Alan Cooper Alan Cooper says:

    Very easy to read, which is very unusual for such a textbook I find.Not a 5 a I felt could have gone a little bit deeper into debugging etc when applying recipes and what not, but as a starting point to get your head around the whats and hows, it s really good.

  2. Daniel Bryant Daniel Bryant says:

    In a nutshell If you are looking for a rapid introduction to Chef, and haven t got the time or inclination to look around the web then this book will meet your needs However and it s a fairly big however , you can get the same information from the excellent Opscode Chef creators website The Opscode website is also kept up to date with the rapidly changing Chef framework and has many hands on tutorials and experiments, which in my opinion are essential for understanding Chef At 12 I can t recommend the printed version of this book, but the Kindle version is reasonably priced if you are desperate to have a one stop shop style introduction to the key concepts.Anyone active within the so called DevOps space will have heard of tools like Chef, Puppet, CFEngine and Saltstack These provisioning tools are arguably the backbone on which the modern DevOps movement is based, and in combination with Cloud based programmable infrastructure like AWS they are the driving force in automating configuration and application deployment Understandably everyone is keen to write books on what is rapidly becoming the next big thing, and in my opinion this does lead to rushed output This output is often useful to a limited degree, but the same information can often be gleaned freely from the interweb, and perhaps importantly tools and techniques on the bleeding edge often evolve so fast that any printed media can become outdated quite quickly I believe Instant Chef Starter book fits into this category.If you are looking for a book to read on the commute home, which details the key concepts and motivations behind Chef, then you can t go wrong with getting the Kindle version of this book However, you will definitely need to supplement your reading by checking the Opscode website for latest developments, and you will also need to start experimenting with the tool to fully understand the benefits it offers Trust me, when you start spinning up Chef driven servers and other resource with just a couple of commands via the CLI you are going to be blown away at how easy this stuff is Your mind will be further blown when you realise that what you ve just done is massively repeatable and scales very easily in comparison to older techniques.In summary, the Kindle version is worth a look if you re looking for a fast paced and concise introduction to Chef, and you don t want to invest time in looking around the Opscode website or other provisioning websites just yet I can t recommend the printed book, because at 12 this doesn t offer good value.

  3. Discounted Gentleman Discounted Gentleman says:

    I give this book 3.5 starts One reason is that it is pretty short and the other reason is most of the content are what is already on Chef s documentation.I still think it is a good book because the author did a good job picking what is important for beginners from Chef s documentation.

  4. Nick Ramirez Nick Ramirez says:

    This was the first book about Chef that I bought and after getting 60% into it it is a short book , I still had no idea how to set up and use Chef It s just not very helpful The tools it suggest using Knife, omnibus installer are out of date The writing doesn t really start from a basic example and dives into the deep end It doesn t give you much to go on.

  5. TY TY says:

    I didn t expect the book to be so short I feel a little ripped off I guess I should have known when one reviewer said he had read it on his 30 minute train ride to work I will update this again after I have read the book.

  6. The Headless Horseman The Headless Horseman says:

    This book is focused on Chef server only There is no discussion of Chef solo or any tooling related to Chef solo The first part of the text shows configuration and system bootstrapping from the Chef server web interface There is a healthy treatment of knife commands not for use with Chef solo and a brief overview of the major components of the Chef system recipes, templates, resources, roles, cookbooks etc Chef Starter could potentially be an interesting supplement to the Opscode website for users who have had no prior exposure at all to Chef server.

  7. J. White J. White says:

    I liked this book It is well written, not overly dry and easy reading It definitely provides a good baseline introduction to using Chef It is MUCH better than the O Rilley book Test Driven Infrastructure with Chef which I did not find to be a very helpful book for learning Chef at all This, in contrast, is very helpful Go ahead and buy it, you can t go wrong

  8. A. Keckler A. Keckler says:

    same with all tech books they get outdated very quickly Even though it takes you through quickly, the newer version is different.

  9. T. S. Marsh T. S. Marsh says:

    but its already out of date The syntax is the old DSL and Chef Solo is barely a side note.

  10. Mairtin O. Sullivan Mairtin O. Sullivan says:

    I was looking for a basic but clear introduction to Chef and this book met the need exactly.It s a 30 minute read at a max but you ll walk away with a solid understanding of how Chef hangs together.My only reservation is that it s a bit pricey for 70 pages, but I knew that when I was buying it

  11. Todd Pigram Todd Pigram says:

    A great intro to Chef Goes great with Opscode s learnchef Still need to get basic knowledge of Ruby Author gives great resources at the back of the book

  12. Patrick Mutombo Patrick Mutombo says:

    Very good starter definitely to grab basic Chef understanding You stay focused on what you need to unveil the operations principles behind.

  13. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    It s good book for folks who is just starting chef and wants to get understanding of all the components in chef.